Nation was one of the English newspapers published in the Union of Burma. U Law Yone (Ed) served as Chief Editor and/or Publisher. He continued publishing Nation in Thailand. His family includes Marjorie (First Class English Honors)Hubert (Architect)Byron (Medical Doctor)Wendy (Author). U Khin Maung Kyaw (retired Manager from […]

S – Z

Updated : August 5, 2019 Safety Scholarship Security Senior So Ka Yay Tee Speech SPHS Statistics Stipend Tag Thesaurus Tie Time Trust Uniform Used in my posts Yadaya Safety FDA Most countries have a Food and Drug Administration (FDA). They perform tests before certifying if a food or […]

Early days at RU

Intermediate Classes In the mid and late 50’s, the Yankin College and the Htee Dan College served the First Year Intermediate classes. The Pure Science, Engineering and Medical students attended Yankin College. The Arts and Social Science students attended Htee Dan College. BOC, Main and Leik Khone After […]


Thaing is a generic name for Burmese/Myanmar Martial Arts. Thaing comprises of Bando (unarmed combat Thaing) Banshay (armed combat Thaing). There are various schools of Thaing. One famous school was started by Saya U Pyi Thein. He is familiar with the other martial arts. He translated/adapted a book […]

Meanings can change

Posted : August 14, 2019 The meaning of words can change with time. Computer In the early days, a “computer” is a person who computes (e.g. tables for firing artillery). Even in some NASA projects, astronauts ask expert mathematicians (including a black female) to compute trajectories to check […]

C – D

Updated : August 8, 2019 Census Character Codes Chess Clocks Complementary Skills Currency Dana Days Deep Disasters DSL Census In Colonial Burma, the administration compiled “Than Kaung Sar Yin” (literally meaning “list taken at midnight”). US Population Census The US Population Census Data is compiled every ten years […]


Updated : August 8, 2019 Bala Balance Boundary Burmese Burmese (Myanmar) Presidents Bala Bala may stand for Strength or Prowess. Kaya Bala may stand for Physical Strength. In our younger days, there were Kaya Bala Ah Thin for developing Physical Strength. Some instructors have their names prefixed with […]


Feedback from VNW (Dr. “Victor” Nyunt Wai, SPHS63, Fourth in Burma) “San Shay” U Ohn was an advisor to U Nu. [Per VNW] : MA Daw Ohn. Bohmu Maung Ohn was a Deputy Minister. [Per VNW] : U Ohn Gyaw was the Minister of Foreign Affairs of SLORC […]