Names (019) : Monks

Prefix Monk names may be prefixed with Bhikkhu Ashin Baddhanta Sayadaw Upazin or Uzin U Thera Maha Thera Venerable (in English) Tipitaka Dara (one who completed “Vinaya”, “Sutta”, and “Abhidhamma” exams) Dwee Pitaka Dara (one who completed “Vinaya” and “Sutta” examinations) Suffix Monk names may be suffixed with […]

Terms (006) : Census

In Colonial Burma, the administration compiled “Than Kaung Sar Yin” (literally meaning “list taken at midnight”). US Population Census The US Population Census Data is compiled every ten years as mandated by law, but the census data takers do not visit houses at midnight. The data is collected […]