Update : February 21, 2020 During the design phase, the product manager and the developers categorize the requirements as (a) Must have (b) Nice to have. During extensive testing and often much later, bugs (of varying severity) show up. Some subtle errors are dubbed “features”. Facebook has a […]

Awareness and CERT

Update : February 21, 2020 U Khin Maung Zaw (EC76) commented on my Trivia post on “Disaster“. No matter if there is a somewhat connection with the ‘climate change‘ concept, the natural disasters, storms/earthquakes/tsunamis are getting as often and more powerful in the past several years. These has […]


Update : February 21, 2020 Analog may stand for “a person or an object which may be compared to another”. An analogy is a comparison of two things that are similar. An analog device uses information represented by a continuous variable. An analog thermometer measures temperature via the […]


Update : February 21, 2020 Latin alumnus means “male student” almuna means “female student” alumni means “male students” alumnae means “female students” Modern usage To save time and space, we use alum to represent all the four cases. The modern usage of the term “alumni” applies to both […]


Update : February 21, 2020 Photo Many years ago I received a photo album as a present. Photos were expensive. It costs about 25 – 50 pyas per photo. There is a base cost for processing a film roll, and extra cost for printing the reasonably good photos. […]


Update : February 21, 2020 In our younger days, we had to study Active Voice and Passive Voice. Sayagyi Dr. Aung Gyi reminded us to be Physically, Mentally and Socially Active. Physically Active Saw Maung Maung Htwe (Intake of 64) says active by competing in long distance events. […]


Update : February 21, 2020 Automobile In the USA, AAA (or Triple A) stands for American Automobile Association. The benefits vary depending upon if one is a regular member or a premium member. Commonly provided services include towing jump start lock out out of gas optional : battery […]


Update : February 21, 2020 Dukkha is a Pali word. There are several forms of Dukkha.(a) Dukkha Dukkha(b) Sukha Dukkha(c) Uppekha DukkhaThey express “unsatisfactoriness” associated with(a) Suffering or Misery(b) [Seemingly] Pleasant feelings(c) Equanimity Most people understand Dukkha to mean Suffering.This led many to believe that Buddhism teaches pessimism. […]


Update : February 21, 2020 Punctuation helps a reader or a listener. One Lu Shwin Daw (Comedian) gained fame by adding a Period (Full Stop). He was admonished by the higher authorities for making fun of their leader “Number One”. No One is above the law. No. One […]

Smart (2)

Update : February 21, 2020 It is an adjective. Thomas Edison said, “Success is due to 99% perspiration and 1% inspiration”. We now hear, “Work smarter. Not harder.” For a while, I worked for a Defense Contractor. I was assigned to DMDC (Defense Manpower Data Center). Every employee […]