Patthana in Daily Life

For archive (Updated on February 26, 2019) Subtitle : An introduction to the Law of Conditionality Author : U Hla Myint Publisher : Tathagata Meditation Center, 2010 CONTENTS Introduction Root condition : Hetu-paccayo Fascination (Sense-object) condition : Arammana-paccayo Predominance condition : Adhipati-paccayo (sahajata, arammana) Continuity condition : Ananatara-paccayo […]

Citta — Consciousness (Mind)

For archive (Updated on February 26, 2019) 89 kinds of consciousness  (a) 12 Akusala (Unwholesome) 8 Greed-rooted minds 2 Hate-rooted minds 2 Delusion-rooted minds (b) 21 Kusala (Wholesome) 8 Maha Kusala : Great Wholesome 5 Fine-material Sphere Wholesome 4 Immaterial Sphere Wholesome 4 Lokotra Kusala : Supramundane Wholesome […]

Sharing Merits

For archive (Updated on February 26, 2019) by Sayadaw U Silanandabhivamsa) Sharing Merits is a beautiful act Buddhists do whenever they do meritorious deeds. Sharing Merits means letting other beings get chance to get merit themselves by having them rejoice at one’s merit. Sharing Merit is itself an […]

What Buddhism is

For archive (Updated on February 26, 2019) Excerpts from a Book Chapter by Narada Maha Thera Buddhism is neither a metaphysical path nor a ritualistic path. is neither skeptical nor dogmatic. neither eternalism or nihilism. is neither self-mortification nor self-indulgence. is neither pessimism nor optimism but realism. is […]

The Dawn of Wisdom

For archive (Updated on February 26, 2019) Subtitle : On the Practice of Vipassana Satipatthana by Sayadaw U Lakkhana (of Sagaing Hills) Translator : U Mya Thaung Editor : Gregory Pai, Ph.D. Publisher : Sukhavati Dhamma dana publication, 2002 Contents Four Foundations of Mindfulness Basic Satipatthana Instructions The […]