World Records

Original posting : A year or two ago Updated : June 18, 2019 Believe it or not Ripley’s “Believe it or not” named U Khanti Kyauksar (inscriptions) of the Fifth Buddhist Council (Synod) held in Mandalay as the “Largest Book” in the world. Guinness Book of World Records […]


Updated : June 18, 2019 In our younger days Our grand parents and parents had workers who were non-Buddhists. They gave us sweets (for Diwali), dan bauk (for Id) and presents (for Christmas). During our younger days, we had classmates who professed different religions and lived in perfect […]

Buddhist Dictionary

Updated : June 18, 2019 Manual of Buddhist Terms and Doctrines Author: Nyanatiloka “Central Internment Camp”, Dehra-Dun, India, August 1946 Editor : Nyanaponika Third revised and enlarged edition 200+ pages Forest Hermitage, Kandy, Ceylon, February 1970 Dhamma dana Singapore Buddhsit Meditation Center, February 1987 CONTENTS References to Pali […]


Updated : June 18, 2019 Sacca is a Pali word. It is translated as Thitsar. There are two kinds. In the Loki (Mundane) context, there is Samuti Sacca (Concept). It is loosely rendered as “Relative Truth”. In the Lokotra (Supra-mundane), there is Paramattha Sacca. It is loosely rendered […]


Updated : June 18, 2019 Dukkha is a Pali word. There are several forms of Dukkha. Dukkha Dukkha Sukha Dukkha Uppekha Dukkha They express “unsatisfactoriness” associated with Suffering or Misery [Seemingly] Pleasant feelings Equanimity Note that the Burmese term “Sin Ye Dhukkha” covers only Dukkha Dukkha. Misunderstanding Most […]


Updated : June 18, 2019 Tipitaka is commonly rendered as “Three Baskets”. It comprises of Vinaya — Monastic rules of conduct Sutta — Discourses Abhidhamma — Ultimate Reality First Buddhist Council was held three months after the Maha Pari Nibanna (demise of Buddha) Ashin Maha Kassapa acted as […]

Names : for Monks

Updated : June 18, 2019 The list is not exhaustive. Prefix Monk names may be prefixed with one or more of the following : Bhikkhu Ashin Baddhanta Sayadaw Sayadawgyi Upazin Uzin U Thera Maha Thera Venerable Achan (used in Thailand) Suffix Monk names may be suffixed with one […]