Trivia (1499) : Messenger

Trivia (1499) : Messenger

(1) For nearly two decades, I have served as a messenger.

(2) In the early days, many sayas and alumni provided me with articles, news, and photos.

(3) The idea of getting reconnected electronically and physically was novel. There were several hundred who accessed the first RIT web site designed and maintained by KMZ.

(4) Some traveled a long way (from Burma, Thailand, Singapore, Japan, Australia, and New Zealand) to attend the First RIT Grand Reunion and Saya Pu Zaw Pwe.

(5) Some sayas and alumni became GBNF (Gone But Not Forgotten). Some saw a decline in their health.

(6) With the event of social media, the number of RIT related pages grew. There are many silent readers and few active contributors.

(7) Being a messenger is not easy. When an alumni asked me to relay the demise of Ko Victor Win, I double checked before posting the news. Then, someone who is near and dear to Mrs. Victor claimed that Ko Victor was hospitalized, but had not passed away. After some confusion, the sad news was confirmed.

(8) Some sayas and alumni want privacy. They do not want the news of their visits or failing health to be relayed. We have to respect them.

(9) There are many posts by sayas, alumni and friends. I have re-posted only a sample of their works.

(10) As my mentors said, “The message is much more important than the messenger.”

Trivia (1498) : Sports — Some Champions

Trivia (1498) : Sports — Some Champions

(1) Suk Bahadhur played soccer for Shan States, Army and Burma. He was Captain of the Burma Selected. He was also chosen as a Asian All Star.

(2) Tin Maung Ni swam for Rangoon University, Navy and Burma. He won several Gold Medals at the SEAP Games.

(3) Joe Ba Maung was Burma Singles Champion in Tennis. He was Burma Doubles Champion with Than Lwin, who succeeded him as Singles Champion.

(4) Maung Maung Lay (Ah Pu Lay) was Burma Singles Champion in Tennis. He was Burma Doubles Champion with Than Htut.

(5) Myee Tun Naw was Burma and SEAP Champion for Marathon.

(6) Shigan Bum was Burma and SEAP Champion for 5000 and 10000 meters. He was a runner up in the Marathon.

(7) Jimmy Crampton was Burma and SEAP Champion for 1500 meters.

(8) Saya Mao Toon Siong (M62) was Burma Singles and Doubles Champion in Table Tennis. He represented Burma in SEAP, Asian Games and Wold Championship. He served as Coach of the National Table Tennis team.

(9) Thein Myint and Tin Tun are Burma Boxing Champions. They represented Burma in SEAP, Asian Games and Olympics.

(10) Gracie Carr, Ma Tin Pu, Ma Khin Htay, and Jennifer Tin Lay are Burma Champions in Track and Field.


Ba Than Nyunt wrote :

Dear Sir,

(U)Tin Maung Ni won Gold medals not only in SEAP
games but also in two successive Asian Games. If my recall is right, he is from Bhan Maw, Kachin State.


KMZ wrote :

Jimmy Crampton is an OP, Old Paulian. If my memory serves me one of his running partners was non other than our own Dr. Rafiul Ahad, ex-UCC.


Rafiul was chosen for the preliminary team for Burma. He placed third in the hurdles. His coach was Kyaw Khin (Old Paulian, and Burma Champion in hurdles and 1500m).


Dr. Richard Yu Khin wrote :

I was on the swim team with Tin Maung Ni who is a gentleman. Ten of us were trained by Mr. Matsuda who was on the Japanese national swim team. Mr. Matsuda was manager of a Japanese company in Rangoon. He made us swim six 50 metres sprints, with one minute interval. The time difference for the 1st and 6th sprints — the decline curve should be limited. This was the first time we had scientific training in swimming. Tin Maung Ni was the only Asian, other than Japanese, to win a gold medal in swimming at the Asian Games. The US Embassy provided a goodwill tour of USA for Tin Maung Ni. He is from the Kachin State.


Trivia (1497) : Names — Zeya and Zeyar (Part One)

Trivia (1497) : Names — Zeya and Zeyar (Part One)

(1) Zeya may stand for Victory.

(2) Zeyar may stand for Sagaing.

(3) Yo Yo Gyi Zeya is a Academy Award winning actor.

(4) Bo Zeya is a senior member of the Thirty Comrades. He is the father-in-law of Collegian Nay Win.

(5) Dr. Zeya taught Chemistry at RASU.

(6) U Aung Zeya is a famous Burmese King.

(7) Dr. Aung Zeya is a saya at YTU.

(8) Zeyar Maung (Saya U Ko Ko Lay) served as [Vice] Chancellor of Mandalay University. He is a writer.

(9) Zeyar Linn (M2002) is Past Captain and Gold of RUBC. His father U Sein Htoon (M63) is Past Captain and Gold of RUBC.

(10) I. Zeyar Linn (M69) is GBNF. His serial number is 86.


Dr. Thane Oke Kyaw Myint wrote :

Honorary title: Zeya Kyaw Htin


Trivia (1496) : Names — Kyu (Part One)

Trivia (1496) : Names — Kyu (Part One)

(1) Kyu Kyu Lwin worked for UCC and Social Security Board 9SSB).

(2) Lwin Lwin Kyu taught Mathematics at RASU.

(3) Kyu Hmwe is a writer.

(4) Kyu Kyu Thin is a writer.

(5) U Win Kyu is a senior alumni. He is a Khamee Khamet of Saya U Myo Myint Sein.

(6) Kyu Kyu Lin (Bawlone, T75) represented RIT in Volleyball.

(7) Dr. Kyu Kyu Swe was a Professor.

(8) Han Kyu Pe (A70) is Old Paulian. He is GBNF.

(9) Myint Kyu Pe (SPHS58) worked at STB.

(10) Kyu Sein worked at UCC.

Trivia (1495) : Names — Htoo (Part One)

Trivia (1495) : Names — Htoo (Part One)

(1) U Myat Htoo (C68) taught at RIT. He is a founding member of RIT Alumni International, and NorCal RITAA. He is a Past President of TBSA and BADA.

(2) U Myint Htoo was a Justice.

(3) Daw Htoo is the owner of Htoo Motor & Supplies.

(4) Tat Kyat Maung Htoo is a writer.

(5) Maung Htoo attended RIT and UCC.

(6) Khin Maung Htoo is a vocalist.

(7) Myat Htoo Razk is RUBC Gold. He is son of U Tin Myint and grandson of Arzani U Razk.

(8) Ba Htoo started the Resistance ahead of March 27. Ba Htoo Myo, named after him, had training centers for the army.

(9) Yahandar Hnit Pokko Htoo Mya is a book by Dhammacariya U Htay Hlaing.


Dr. Thane Oke Kyaw Myint wrote :

Col. Hla Htoo, FRCR, senior radiologist Burma Army Medical Corp (BAMC), one of the first radiologists to pass the Fellowship of the Royal College of Radiology exam.

Trivia (1494) : Names — Shein (Part One)

Trivia (1494) : Names — Shein (Part One)

(1) Dr. Maung Shein (Economics) was a Deputy Minister.

(2) Kaya Bala U Shein was a Body Builder.

(3) U Shein attended DAC. He was active in Hiking and Mountaineering.

(4) Maung Shein, son of U Kwi Si, was a Chinese Ah Yo Ku Saya.

(5) Shein Soe Myint (EC83, UCC) passed away while doing further studies in Singapore.

(6) U Tun Shein taught Mathematics at RIT. Ko Aung Myint (Pet69) is fondly calledm “Delta Tun Shein”.

(7) Kenneth Shein played soccer for RU, Burma Railways and Burma.

(8) Pale Shein (Pearl) taught at UCC. She co-organized UCC gatherings during my visits to Singapore.

(9) Han Shein (Hla Moe) rowed for the Faculty of Engineering. He perished at sea, when the schooner owned by his parents sank.

(10) Aung Shein was a Cartoonist. The RIT main gate is named after his cartoon character U Lu Paw.


Dr. Thane Oke Kyaw Myint wrote :

Dr. Maung Shein PhD, joined the World Bank after working as Deputy Minister of Finance in Burma. U Maung Maung Hla (younger brother of Dr U Kyaw Maung surgeon) also joined World Bank.


Trivia (1493) : Names — Thant

Trivia (1493) : Names — Thant

(1) Thant may mean Clean or Pure.

(2) U Thant was the Third Secretary of the United Nations.

(3) Maung Maung Thant (M74) rowed for Ye Gyaung Lu Nge.

(4) Thant Zin (Mech) is the son of Saya U Sein Shan. He is a volunteer for SPZP, SDYF, HMEE-2000 and HMEE-2008.

(5) Norman Thant Zin (A70) was my classmate at SPHS.

(6) Thura Thant Zin (M76) is RUBC Gold and Past President of Bases.

(7) Myo Thant was a cast member of Thamankyar film.

(8) Myo Thant (EE74) moved to Texas.

(9) U Myo Thant is a writer.

(10) Thant Shin Pha Sa Pa La (Clean AFPFL) was headed by U Nu and Thakin Tin.


Dr. Thane Oke Kyaw Myint wrote :

Col. Thant Sin, Burma Army Medical Corp, former Commanding Officer of Defense Services General Hospital (DSGH) and later Deputy Minister of Health: unique in the spelling of his name: “thant sin (clean) and not “thant zin”