Updated on April 20, 2019 U Khin Maung Yin U Khin Maung Yin (A60, GBNF) directed the movie “Hna Ma Let Shawt Nay Lay Dawt”. He loves Classical Music, and Modern Art. The movie was hard to appreciate by most Burmese. It set the record for the first […]


In our younger days Our grand parents and parents had workers who were non-Buddhists. They gave us sweets (for Diwali), dan bauk (for Id) and presents (for Christmas). During our younger days, we had classmates who professed different religions and lived in perfect harmony. Christians Saya U Pe […]


Updated on April 19, 2019 Std VI A The students include Khin Maung u, Min Oo, Bernard Taylor, Than Htay and Win Maung. Std. VIII A Std. VIII B Sayadaw U Wara (Win Paing) Sayadaw Beatson Saya Beatson (currently Sayadaw) is the lone surviving saya of our times. […]


Updated on April 19, 2019 Small and Big Change Thingyan means “Change”. Cula Thingyan (Small Change) occurs monthly (move to a new Zodiac sign) Maha Thingyan (Big Change) occurs yearly (Sun, in the geocentric model, enters Meiktha around April 13. “Solar” New Year The early Romans and Persians […]