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The following is a sampling of photo essays on topics starting with K. Khit San Kabyar Kabar Ko Myint Thein (M69, GBNF) was named “Maung Kabar” (Kabar for short) after a cartoon character of our younger days. He and Ko Chit Tin (EC69) are among the 89 classmates […]

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Leik Khone Leik Khone belonged to Faculty of Engineering, University of Rangoon till 1961 Intermediate of Science, Rangoon University from 1961 – 1963We attended the last I.Sc.(A) class at Leik Khone Institute of Medicine (1) from 1963My spouse attended 1st MBBS and 2nd MBBS at Leik Khone Several […]

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Moe Moe (Inya) Distinguished Author Book Club / Shop opened by her daughter Mya Ketu Pen name of Saya U Chan Mya Professor of Burmese at Mandalay University Son : Maung Taing Pin Mya Than Tint Distinguished Author Magazines Annual Magazines of RASU (Rangoon Arts and Science University) […]

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NorCal RITAA Northern California RIT Alumni Association Donated Shwe YaDu Benches Past Presidents Saya U Maung Maung (George, ChE66) U Kaung Kaung Oo (Gordon, M83) Chair, Board of Director Saya U Myat Htoo (C68) Members attended SPZP-2016 Soon Kyway at Half Moon Bay Ne Win Soft Coup D’etat […]

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Ramanya Hall RASU Swimming Receipt From 1979 Farewell to Saya U Myo Win (M65, GBNF) from members of RIT Automobile Club Recreation Center (RC) Gift to Rangoon University from Asia Foundation in June 1962 Related Posts Rangoon Institute of Technology (RIT) RIT 69er (Class of RIT 1969) Rangoon […]

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Shwe Ta Lay U Shwe Yo Sithu U Kaung Educator Signed Bank Notes Children : U Thaw Kaung, Dr, Yee May Kaung, Daw Kyi May Kaung Silver Jubilee RUSU Music and Dance Sir Arthur Eggar Law Professor Founder and Life President of Rangoon University Boat Club (RUBC) Autobiography […]

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Tin Tut The article was written by Maung Lu Pay (San Lin, M87) based on the posts by Dr. Thane Oke Kyaw Myint and U Hla Min. U Tin Tut is the eldest of seven well-known siblings. His assassination remains “unsolved mystery” in Burma. အမွတ္တရ ဦးတင္ထြဋ္ အာဇာနည္ဗိမၼာန္ကို အာဇာနည္ကုန္းလို႔လည္း […]

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Prefix for many Burmese Male names Several photos are from the Rangoon University Centennial Group. U Ba Educator U Ba Hli First native Dean of Engineering Also taught Civil Engineering courses (as Professor) Proposed “Twinning Program” with prestigious US Universities Former Professor of Civil Engineering and Principal at […]