Update : February 21, 2020 Benjamin Franklin said, “Two things are certain. Death and Taxes.” Men are mortal. Some tried ways and means (e.g. via Alchemy) to have long life and perhaps become immortal. Actuarial Tables are used in the Insurance Industry. They are based on the Life […]


Update : February 21, 2020 A Physical Model is usually a scaled down version of a real-life entity. In our younger days, some schools and universities had Aero-modeling clubs. Ko Eddie (Edward Teoh, M64) helped run the Aero-modeling club. A Mathematical Model is a representation of an idea, […]


Update : February 21, 2020 (1) For a certain period, the Mingun Bell weighing 55555 viss was the largest functioning ringing bell in the world. Young Burmese remember the weight of the bell with the mnemonic “Min Phyu Hman Hman Pyaw”. One viss equals 3.6 pounds. (2) U […]


Update : February 26, 2020 Methodist was founded as a “revival” movement of the Church of England. Methodist became a Protestant Denomination, and spread world wide. Burma had three kinds of Methodist Churches and schools: English Methodist Burmese Methodist Chinese Methodist MEHS MEHS stands for Methodist English High […]


Update : February 21, 2020 Dr. Nyunt Wai commented that Message should be more important than Messenger (e.g. media, format). Keynote speakers also emphasize on the importance of Message. What is the key take away from the Keynote Speech? Videos, slides, humor … are entertaining, but without a […]

MD and PhD

Update : February 21, 2020 MD may stand for Doctor of Medicine. MD may stand for Managing Director. MD may stand for Maryland, a State in the USA. Ph.D stands for Doctorate in Philosophy., where Phil means “love of” and Sophy means “wisdom”. Some medical doctors have MD […]


Update : February 21, 2020 During our younger days, we studied Basic Mathematics in English as well as Burmese. The authors include U Thon, Daw Hla Kunt, and U Pan Yi. Some are based on (or translations of English texts) such as Workman. In Primary School and Middle […]


Update : February 21, 2020 In High School Physics, we learned about Potential Energy and Kinetic Energy. We studied some old laws such as the “Law of Conservation of Energy”. Energy comes in different forms (e.g. Mechanical, Thermal, Electric, Chemical, Nuclear). Alternative energy sources (e.g. Solar, Wind) were […]