RIT English

(1) Saya Des Rodgers and Saya U Khin were Scrabble Champions at the tournaments held at Guardian premises and YMCA. Chambers Dictionary and Jones Pronouncing Dictionary were used to confirm/deny the word challenges. They were always present on Saya U Khin’s desk. Saya Des moved to UK and […]


Grammar In our younger days, we had to study Active Voice Passive Voice. Advice by Sayagyi Dr. Aung Gyi Sayagyi Dr. Aung Gyi reminded us to be Physically Active Mentally Active Socially Active. Physically Active One can stay physically active by walking, running, biking, swimming or exercising at […]


Minimum age requirement There was a minimum age requirement for admission to the University of Rangoon. Saya Dr. Hla Aung (C58) had to wait one year to enter the University of Rangoon because he was under age. No minimum age requirement In some universities, young talented students (12 […]


Some famous people are asked to sign autographs.Athletes sign on sneakers, balls, bats, T-shirts.Keynote speakers sign on the program sheet. Attended lectures at the Computer History Museum and asked for autographs.Posted some of them in my posts. During our younger days, we carry small books known as autograph. […]


Astrology started of as a sibling of Astronomy. Astro means “pertaining to the stars”. There are numerous books and courses on Astrology. Astrology is considered as pseudo-science by some. Astrology is relied heavily by some. Astrology may be studied for profit or for leisure. Types There are several […]