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Men On The Moon

Video Broadcast : #128 December 12, 2020 Space Race between USSR and USA Early lead by USSR First cosmonaut Yuri Gagarin Second cosmonaut Gherman Titov First female cosmonautValentina Tereshkova NASA Projects Mercury Projectfor single astronautWe Seven (book by the seven astronauts)The Right Stuff (book and movie) Gemini Projectfor […]


Video Broadcast : #August 20, 2020 Pillars of Learning Learning to know Learning to do Learning to be Learning to live Life long learning Learn something new every day (if possible)If not, every month or every year Sample Daily activities Listen to BlinkistListen to Merriam Webster’s Word of […]


Video Broadcast : #August 21, 2020 Short term memoryModeled by computers as Random Access Memory (RAM)Important information should be copied to Long term memory Long term memoryModeled by computers as Backing Store (e.g. tapes, disks, drums)Slower than Short Term Memory Associative memoryRelated information could be chunked for efficient […]


Video Broadcast : #August 23, 2020 Some Early Sayas U Pe Maung Tin Pali and Burmese Scholar First native Principal, Rangoon College Proposed Burmese Department as a separate language Early students include Theikpan Maung Wa (ICS U Sein Tin) Zawgyi (Saya U Thein Han) Minthuwun (Saya U Wun) […]


Video Broadcast : #August 24, 2020 Burma produced distinguished economists.To name a few : Dr. SolomonDean at Stanford UniversityEconomic Advisor for US President Richard Nixon Dr. Hla MyintEconomic Theory with his nameFormer Rector of Rangoon University Dr. Tun WaiFormer Dean of Social ScienceDirector of IMFManaged IMF Training Dr. […]


Video Broadcast : #August 25, 2020 Anecdote My father’s experience with a Bain Sar turned Dacoit Pu Zaw Pwe (PZP) Micro PZP Paying respect to Teacher Kywe, my KG teacher Mini PZP Paying respect to Sayagyis : Dr. Chit Swe and Dr. Freddie Ba Hli PZP By Class […]


Video Broadcast : #August 26, 2020 Background Eighth month in the Gregorian Calendar Named after Augustus CaesarAdded an extra day to the monthTo match that of July (named after Julius Caesar) Celebrations in August Birthdays On behalf of RIT Alumni International, Ko Maurice Chee organized a special Soon […]


Video Broadcast : #August 28, 2020 College Institute School Multi-disciplinary projects Early Universities Europe (e.g. Italy) Later in UK (e.g. Oxford, Cambridge) In USA (e.g. Ivy League Schools) Professor Assistant Professor Associate Professor Professor University Professor Tenured Professor Visiting Professor Emeritus Professor Rangoon University Started with two constituent […]