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Saya Dr. Maung Maung Kha (Interim Dean) asked U Ba Than to help with the Engineering Library. Sayama Daw Myint Myint Khin was Assistant Librarian at the Faculty of Social Science Library. She became Librarian at the Rangoon Institute of Technology. The Library was located on the Ground […]

RIT Badminton

Past President : U Thein Lwin (GBNF) Selection : Sai Kham Pan Ko Myint Sein Bishnu Shahi Tommy … Khin Maung Zaw here was another student, couple of years behind, who played badminton and also a long distance runner. I believe he’s from Textile. Unfortunately, I could not […]


Video Broadcast : #October 4, 2020 Rowing in Myanmar Laung (7 paddlers of more) Leg rowers (of Inlay) Rowing Clubs Cambridge University Home club of Sir Arthur Eggar RBC (Rangoon Boat Club) Exclusive for Europeans and Anglo-Burmese RUBC (Rangoon University Boat Club)Founded in 1923 by Sir Arthur Eggar […]


Video Broadcast : #November 21, 2020 Nov means 9 9th month of old Roman Calendar 11th month of Gregorian Calendar November 1919 Truce declared for First World War (WWI) Nov 11, 11:11 AM Armistice Day Veteran’s Day (USA) November 1963 President John F Kennedy “Men on the Moon” […]

My Dream

Video Broadcast : #August 18, 2020 Dream big. Others will fulfill. Jules Verne Author To the Moon and Back inspired Apollo mission Other ideasSubmarine (in “20000 Leagues under the sea”)Air balloon Martin Luther King, Jr. Preacher Civil Rights Movement Leader “I have a dream” My dream Get RIT […]

Thet Shay Sayas

Video Broadcast: #108 December 2, 2020 100+ years young Daw Nyein (Physics) Retired as Head and Lecturer, Physics Department, RITAttended Arcariya Pu Zaw Pwes until her 90s Daw Hla May / Ann (English) Spouse : U Ohn Khin (English)Son : H.E. Dr. Pe Thet Khin Daw Khin Kyi […]

Financial Aid

Video Broadcast: #101 November 25, 2020 Types Free Tuition Discount for Tuition Collegiate Stipend 75 Kyats (in our days) Athletic Scholarship / Stipend Teaching Assistant specified office hours grade assignments Research Assistant work on a research grant Resident Assistant similar to Hall Tutor Army Stipend e.g. for medical […]

New Year

Video Broadcast : #138 December 17, 2020 Traditional New Year’s Eve on December 31Bringing in the New Year (with celebration) Dropping the Ball in Times Square in New York New Year on January 1Holiday in some countries January is named as after Janus (Two faced God)Symbolically, one face […]

Myanmar Calendar

Video Broadcast : #107 December 1, 2020 Terms ပက္ခ ဒိန / ပြက္ခဒိန် သက္က ရာဇ မဟာ သက္ကရာဇ် သာသနာ သက္ကရာဇ် ကောဇာ သက္ကရာဇ် သင်္ကန္တ မဟာ သင်္ကြန် စူဠ သင်္ကြန် Miscellaneous Perpetual Calendar 12 Month Calendar 365 Day Calendar Conversion between Eras Myanmar Era Sasana Era Common Era (AD)