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Tipitaka is a Pali term, which is commonly rendered as “Three Baskets”. It comprises of Vinaya : monastic rules of conduct Sutta : discourses Abhidhamma : ultimate reality According to the Theravada tradition, there are six Buddhist Councils. The First, Second and Third Councils were held in India. […]


There are four terms in Latin to describe students alumnus : former male student alumni : former male students alumna : former female student alumnae : former female students Note that the students may or may not graduate from the school. In current usage, the term “alumni” covers […]

Companies and Products

The Beatles founded Apple Music. Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak founded Apple Computers. Apple Music sued Apple Computers for trademark violation. The judge ruled that the two companies belonging to different domains could use the same name. Due to convergence of technologies (a few decades later), the Beatles’ […]


The Colonial Administration compiled “Than Kaung Sar Yin” (literally meaning “list taken at midnight”). In the USA, the Population Census data is compiled every ten years as mandated by law, but the census data takers do not visit houses at midnight. The data is collected not only from […]


Minimum age requirement There was a minimum age requirement for admission to the University of Rangoon. Saya Dr. Hla Aung (C58) had to wait one year to enter the University of Rangoon because he was under age. No minimum age requirement In some universities, young talented students (12 […]


Zero Ten Twenty Sixty Powers of Two 0 (Zero) Zero has no value when it stands by itself. When a zero is placed to the right of a number, it increases the value N-fold (where N, say 10, is the Base or Radix of the Number System. 10 […]