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Video Broadcast: #106 November 30, 2020 Types Solar Calendar Lunar Calendar Luni-solar Calendar Civil Calendar Fiscal Calendar Academic Calendar Sample Calendars Old Roman Calendar Ten months for official activities September, October, November and December are the 7th, 8th, 9th and 10th months Julian Calendar Twelve months : January […]

Martial Arts

Video Broadcast : #140 December 18, 2020 Thaing (Conventional) Bando Without fighting aid Banshay With fighting aid U Pyi Thein Organizer / Chief InstructorTranslated a book on Martial Arts around the WorldRetired due to health U Chit Than Successor to U Pyi TheinConducted courses in schools, colleges and […]


Video Broadcast : #136 December 16, 2020 Law Department and Professors When the University of Rangoon was established in December 1920, it had the Department of Law. U May Aung served as the first Professor. U May Aung U May Aung (Barrister-at-law, LL.D) served as Professor of Law […]


Video Broadcast : #132December 15, 2020 Zoology Some Sayas and Sayamas Dr. Ko Ko Gyi U Sein Lwin U Bobby Daw Vera Daw Shirley (later Dr.) Part-time Lecturers from Fisheries My Contemporaries Maung Maung Win (George Ba Thaung, GBNF) Nyan Taw (Dicky Taw) Thaung Su (Walter Su) Botany […]


Video Broadcast : #046October 1, 2020 Different kinds of Cards ID : for identification Credit Card Debit Card Cash Card Prepaid Card Greeting Card Playing Cards Standard Deck 52 cards Jokers / Wild Cards Four Suits May signify the four seasons or the four quarters of a year […]


Video Broadcast : #132December 14, 2020 Geology Lawrence Dudley Stamp Served as Professor of Geology and Professor of Geography at Rangoon University. Dr. Tha HlaProfessor Of Geology Rector of Rangoon University Retired from UNAnecdotes Defending his protege for States Scholar Two incidents with Director Thar Du (Censor Board, […]

From BIT to YTU

BIT (Burma Institute of Technology) BIT (Burma Institute of Technology) was opened at the Gyogone Campus in 1961. The degree offered was B.Sc. (Engg). Saya U Yone Moe was the Dean (since BIT was then Faculty of Engineering of Rangoon University). Saya Dr. Aung Soe (C 61), Saya […]

Paying Back

Video Broadcast : #130December 13, 2020 Memories Memories of PBRS (Private Boundary Road School)in P.B.R.S. Group Memories of SPHS (St. Paul’s High School)SPHS SayasSPHS Alumni / Old PauliansOutstanding MatriculatesOld Paulian Doctors Memories of RUBC (Rangoon University Boat Club)in YUBC OMA Group Memories of RIT (Rangoon Institute of Technology)RIT […]


Video Broadcast : #122 December 9, 2020 Matriculation of 1964 Dr. Cherry Hlaing (Than Than Tin, SJC)Tie in highest marks with Dr. Lyn Aung ThetBased on ILA, admitted to IM(1) as Roll Number One Dr. Lyn Aung Thet (MEHS)Tie in highest marks with Dr. Cherry HlaingLost the tie […]

1946 and 1947

Video Broadcast : #111 December 4, 2020 Matriculation in 1946 U Tin U (C)RUBC CaptainBS from Oregon State, MS from YalePart-time Lecturer in Civil EngineeringDirector of selected companiesRGC Captain Dr. Pe Nyun (GBNF) RUBC CaptainPediatric SurgeonLeader of team that operated the conjoined Twins : Ma Nan Soe and […]