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1948 and 1949

Matriculation in 1948 U Aung Khin (M)BS and MS from Lehigh UniversityRetired Professor of Mechanical EngineeringMoved to Canada U Aw Taik Moh (C54)MS from MITMoved to USA Matriculation in 1949 Dr. Aung Gyi (C)BS and MS from MIT, Ph.D from AlbertaRetired Rector of RITMoved to Canada U Min […]

1952 and 1953

Video Broadcast : #114 December 5, 2020 See “Class of 1952 – 56” for engineers who graduated in that period. Matriculation in 1952 Dr. Nyunt Tin (SPHS, GBNF) First in Burma in 1952 Physician Father : Sithu U Tin (President, RUBC, GBNF) Brother : Saya U Han Tin […]

1954 and 1955

Video Broadcast : #115 December 6, 2020 Matriculation in 1954 Koon Yin Chu (Phillip, SPHS, A60) First in Burma in 1954 First in Architecture in 1960 California, USA RUBC in 1954 Senior Novice Winners at RUBC Regatta SPHS Crew Sao Hso Holm / Sawbwalay (Bow) Than Nyun / […]

1956 and 1957

Video Broadcast : #116December 6, 2020 Matriculation in 1956 U Ye Myint (St. Peter’s, Mandalay) stood First in Burma. U Thaung Tin (St. Peter’s) was Second. U Khin Maung Than (St. Peter’s) was Joint Third with Dr. Than Myint (Harry, Physics, SPHS). U Soe Paing (RIT, UCC, UN) […]

1958 and 1959

Broadcast : #117 December 7, 2020 Matriculation in 1958 Dr. Soe Win (SPHS, Ch, Retired Rector of YUFL) stood First in Burma Father : Saya U Sein (SPHS)Uncle : Saya U Kyaw Sein (SPHS)Spouse : Sayama Daw May Saw Lwin (Ch)Sons : U Aung Mon and Dr. Nyi […]

1960 and 1961

Video Broadcast : #118 December 7, 2020 Matriculation in 1960 Dr. Austin Kyan (MEHS) stood First in BurmaHe moved overseas. Dr. Nyan Win stood Second. His crew won the Senior Novices at RUBC. Arthur Hla Maung (GBNF) stood Third. He and his friends were active in the Science […]


Video Broadcast : #120 December 9, 2020 Matriculation in 1963 Dr. Khin Maung U (SPHS) : First in BurmaMD and several FellowshipsMultiple Luyechun from IM(1)Medical ResearcherRetired from FDA in the USA Dr. Min Oo (SPHS) : SecondLuyechun : as student and later as staffTwo doctorates in Mathematics from […]

Encyclopedia (2)

Video Broadcast : #Text Update : January 2, 2021 Early Encyclopedias “Chamber’s Cyclopaedia” was one of the earliest encyclopedias. It covered 40+ subjects. In our younger days, we had “Pear’s Soap” and “Pear’s Cyclopaedia”. The company was probably building its brand name by supporting the publication of an […]


Video Broadcast : #109 December 3, 2020 Ludu Newspaper and Publications Ludu (in Mandalay) is known for the publishing house and publications (e.g. newspaper) Its founders Ludu U Hla and Ludu Daw Ah Mar (Amar) are icons. They nurtured journalists, writers, cartoonists, …e.g. Ludu Sein Win, Paw Oo […]