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Hla Min (Lifelong Learner)

Life Long Learner, Expert in Computer Science and Technology, Educator, Distinguished Toastmaster, Writer, Editor


Kindness My father volunteered at a “Bain Phut Ah Thin” for rehabilitating opium addicts. He gave to rehabilitated addict the return fare and pocket money. During the Second World War, my parents and his siblings decided to take refuge at Neikbeinda Hills in Prome.My father sent his assistant […]

Prize / Award

Nobel Prize Chemistry Physics Medicine Literature Peace Awards comparable to Nobel Prize (Later) Nobel Prize for Economics ACM Turing Award (for Computing) Fields Medal (for Mathematics) UK Victoria Cross, George Cross … MBE, OBE … Myanmar Awards for Religious Affairs Awards for braveryAung San Thuriya, … Awards for […]


Sacca (Pali) and Thitsar (in Burmese) mean asseveration of truth. In the Protective verses (Paritta Pali), there are many stanzas based on Sacca. They can be found in Ratana Sutta, Vutta Sutta and Angulima Sutta. In Vutta Sutta, the quail stated a truth. Even though it has wings […]

Tin Htoon (A60)

Architecture was introduced for the very first time in 1954 at BOC, University of Rangoon. U Myo Myint Sein belongs to this first batch. One of his classmates, Ko Myint Thein retired as Chief Architect of Public Works Department in Yangon. We were the “third batch” and were […]


There are various types of organizations. There are non-profit organizations. That does not mean that the employees are all unpaid volunteers. In the USA, non-profit organizations are classified by the IRS tax code. The organizations have to comply with the Federal and State regulations. If one donates to […]

Outline for Talks

Geography Climatic Interpretation Contour U Htay Myint (Patheda) L Dudley Stamp (LSE) U Kyaw Map Dr. Daw Thin Kyi Dr. Tin Htoo Dr. U Win (GIS) “GROW” Model Goal Reality ; Review Options Will : What to do GTI Government Technical Institute GTI – Engineering School connections Saya […]


Scrabble is a board game. A game can be played by two to four players. There are a specified number of tiles. Each tile holds a letter worth one to ten points, or a “blank” (similar to a “joker” or a “wild card” in card games). Rules The […]


The term Senior varies with countries. Seniors in the US Most Senior Centers require members to be 50 years or older. They want young, active seniors. Some volunteers are in their 80s and 90s. AARP (Association for American Retired Professionals) admits “retirees” who are 50+ years old. This […]