For archive (Updated on January 29, 2019) Food Donors For SPZP-2016, free breakfast, lunch and dinner were provided to registered attendees. It was partly due to the cetana of the food donors. Stage and Equipment There were two stages nicknamed as “Lugyi Sin” (stage for formal performances) “Khalay […]

Winner Inn

For archive (Updated on Janaury 29, 2019) Ma Win Mar Oo, co-owner of Winner Inn & daughter-in-law of Sayagyi U Ba Than, was requested by Saya U Tin Htut (M60) to ask her uncle [former saya and a successful real-estate developer] U Tin Win (M59) to come to […]

EE 60 Photo

For archive (Updated on January 29, 2019) by Saya Dr. Chris Lee (L. Tin Htun, EE 59) Caption on top of the photograph reads: UNIVERSITY OF RANGOON – FACULTY OF ENGINEERING TEACHING STAFF AND STUDENTS OF FINAL YEAR B.Sc. ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING (1959 – 1960) Names listed below the […]