For archive (Updated on January 26, 2019) Movies Ko Than Win (T70) wrote the screen play for Thaman Kyar. Ko Than Win’s spouse is the daughter of Director U Tin Yu. The Thamanyar movie featured Ko Aung Myint (Ko Myint, Mining70), his younger brother Sai Wunna, and his […]

Point of view

For archive (Updated on January 26, 2019) According to my late beloved father, Dhamma-ka-hti-ka Sayagyi U Hla Thein mentioned the following anecdote: “Four people were looking at a Bsymbol on the table. The first one said, “It’s Ka Gyi” The second one said, “It’s Da Dwe.” The third […]

Dr. Koung Nyunt

Updated on January 28, 2019 A Letter to Tha-gyar-min by Kogyi Koung (Dr. Koung Nyunt, A67) Date: Thursday, 14 April 2011 (3:40pm. Thin-gyan Akya-ne.) P.O. Box; Top of the never used RIT water tower Ashe. Jo. Koun (East Gyogone): RIT Compound, Insein, Rangoon, Burma Dear Your Majesty the […]