HM : Why worry?

Updated on May 6, 2019 U Aung Min (M69) was worried that I might burn out. He reminded me to “slow down” and “to reduce brain work”. Some suggested that I should find some young volunteers to help with some parts, so that I have reduced workload. Some […]

Terms : Library

Updated : May 6, 2019 Universities and Colleges around the world usually maintain libraries and offer cross-loans for rare books and documents. Many also have Digital libraries. There are Public Libraries and Private Libraries. Rangoon University Central Library The Chief Librarians for Rangoon University Central Library (RUCL) include […]


Updated on May 5, 2019 V is the 23rd letter of the English Alphabet. V is a Roman Numeral with the value of 5. V (Victory) V (Volt) VG (Very Good) VW (Volkswagen or Folk’s Wagon) VLSI (Very Large Scale Integration) VLDB (Very Large Data Base) VIBGYOR (Violet […]

Symbols : I

Updated : May 5, 2019 I is the ninth letter of the English Alphabet. I is the third vowel in English. I is a Roman Numeral with the value of one. I may stand for Current. e.g. V = IR describes a property of Resistance. Intermediate. e.g. I.Sc. […]

SDYF Meetings

Updated on May 5, 2019 The monthly meetings of Swel Daw Yeik Foundation (SDYF) were mostly held at the house of U Khin Maung Tun (President). Some attendees make donation to SDYF at the meetings. U Khin Maung Tun has led by example to ensure that SDYF will […]

Dr. Aung Gyi [2]

Updated on May 5, 2019 Saya will celebrate his 88th birthday in October 2019. Except for slight loss of hearing, Sayagyi is healthy. He attended SPZPs, mini-PZPs and micro-PZPs in Canada, USA, Singapore and Myanmar. He matriculated in 1949. Saya was the first group of engineering students — […]

Daw Than Yi

Updated on May 5, 2019 Daw Than Yi (EP70)’s pen name is Maubin Ma Shwe Than. Her spouse is Dr. San Oo (EP67). Daw Than Yi, Dr. San Oo and U Myo Myint (EC68) served as Associate Editors of the Hlyat Sit Sar Saung published by RIT Electrical […]

U Min Wun [2]

Updated : May 4, 2019 Saya U Min Wun matriculated from Taung Dwin Gyi in 1949. His close friends called him “Kyit In”. His brothers include Dr. Kyi Soe and Dr. Aung Win (BDS). His early sayas include U Mu, father of Daw Khin Maw Maw (spouse of […]