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Update : April 8, 2020 Countdown to the Reunion (1) Post : September 19, 2000 Dear Sayas and Colleagues, There are now 280+ confirmed attendees (of which 250+ have paid and the rest saying that the “check is on the way”). The list is growing. Although we posted […]

Count down to SPZP-2012 (81)

Attended the SPZP-2012 Main Committee Meeting presided by U Win Khaing. To minimize traffic congestion and parking problems, attendees to SPZP-2012 are requested to “car-pool” (or similar). 3000 – 4000 attendees are expected for the morning event. There will be FOUR groups of sayas and sayamas for the […]

Emerald Class Donors for SPZP-2012

Source : U Wynn Htain Oo (M72, Fund Raising Committee) 28.12.2012 1,400,000 U Win Khaing Mechanical 1975 Emerald cash sponsorship for Breakfast for Saya and all meeting cost RV072 Breakfast 1,000,000 meeting cost 400,000 22.11.2012 Ref-050 1,326,000 Agri Mechanization Dept Emerald Cash Rec.147+148 RV028 690000 636,000 1,326,000 9.1.2013 […]