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Count down to SPZP-2012 (81)

Attended the SPZP-2012 Main Committee Meeting presided by U Win Khaing. To minimize traffic congestion and parking problems, attendees to SPZP-2012 are requested to “car-pool” (or similar). 3000 – 4000 attendees are expected for the morning event. There will be FOUR groups of sayas and sayamas for the […]

Emerald Class Donors for SPZP-2012

Source : U Wynn Htain Oo (M72, Fund Raising Committee) 28.12.2012 1,400,000 U Win Khaing Mechanical 1975 Emerald cash sponsorship for Breakfast for Saya and all meeting cost RV072 Breakfast 1,000,000 meeting cost 400,000 22.11.2012 Ref-050 1,326,000 Agri Mechanization Dept Emerald Cash Rec.147+148 RV028 690000 636,000 1,326,000 9.1.2013 […]

Steeve Kay

Introduction Never forgot his roots Steeve Kay (U Thaung Sein, EC70) never forgot his roots : his beloved land, alma mater, mentors and friends. His mentors, colleagues and friends also acknowledge hie metta and cetana. e.g. the Combined 1st BE Intake of 64 and 65 acknowledged him in […]