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Saya Allen Htay

Update : December 24, 2021 Leader, San Francisco Bay Area RIT Alumni Group Founding member of RIT Alumni International and first President Wrote a classic article for SPZP-2000 to raise awareness of the First RIT Grand Reunion and Saya Pu Zaw Pwe Saya passed away several years back […]


Update : November 1, 2021 SPZP–2000 Formal and Informal Gatherings USA hosted the First RIT Grand Reunion and Saya Pu Zaw Pwe in October 2000. The Celebrations kicked off with an Informal “Welcome” Dinner / Gathering” at a Sea Food Restaurant. The Main event was the Reunion and […]


Update : October 11, 2021 There have been seven RIT Grand Reunion and Saya Pu Zaw Pwe starting with SPZP-2000 in California, USA. SPZP-2002, SPZP-2007 and SPZP-2010 were held in Singapore SPZP-2004, SPZP-2012 and SPZP-2016 were held in Yangon SPZP-2020 was canceled due to the Covid-19 pandemic The […]


The YTU Buddhist Association compiled exhortations and messages from the sayas and sayamas, who were invited to SPZP-2016. SPZP-2016 version is more elaborate that the compilation done for SPZP-2012. Saya Dr. Thein Hlyne, Saya U Lin, Saya U Soe Myint are some sayas who served as Patrons and/or […]