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Currencies (1)

Pound There are several currencies named “Pound”. The most notable is known as the “Sterling Pound“. The British manufactured the “Silver Penny” made out of pure silver. 240 Silver Pennies presumably weighed one pound. Hence, the name “Sterling Pound”. 1 Pound = 20 shillings = 240 pennies At […]


Definition and use A coach is a vehicle to “carry” someone to a destination. The first use of coach described a teacher who “carried” a student over a tough examination. Later use of coach was in Athletic Development (e.g. coaching an individual or a team in a sports). […]


Post : February 26, 2019 Update : February 9, 2020 Tipitaka Tipitaka (Three Baskets) contain Vinaya : Monastic rules of conduct Sutta : Discourses Abhidhamma : Ultimate Reality Patthana It is the 7th text in Abhidhamma.  It is also known as the Book of Conditional Relations.  There are […]

The Yogi and Vipassana

Sub-title: BUDDHIST MEDITATION : THE SUNLUN WAY Author : Sunlun Shin Vinaya Publisher : Sunlun Buddhist Meditation Center 7 1/2 Mile, Prome Road, KabaAye P.O., Rangoon CONTENTS The Yogi and Vipassana (Page 1 – 18) The Sunlun Way of Mindfulness (Page 19 – 33) Explanatory Notes for Beginners […]

Dependent Origination

Subtitle: Paticca-samuppada The Wheel of life Author: Sayadaw U Silananda Editor: U Hla Myint Publisher : Tathagata Meditation Center CONTENTS Publisher’s notes Venerable U Silananda’s biography Dependent origination Introduction First link : Avjja-pacaya sankhara Second link : sabkahara-paccaya vinnanam Third link : Vinnana-paccaya nama-rupam Fourth link : Nama-rupa-paccaya […]