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Hla Min (Lifelong Learner)

Life Long Learner, Expert in Computer Science and Technology, Educator, Distinguished Toastmaster, Writer, Editor


Jules Verne Jules Verne was a dreamer. He dreamed of traveling to the Moon and back in a hot air balloon in a submarine 20000 leagues under the sea to the center of the earth around the world in 80 days (a remarkable feat for his time) He […]


Background Foundation may stand for Base (e.g. foundation of a building). It may be an organization to support a noble cause (e.g. Education) “Four Foundations of Mindfulness” is a treatise for Meditation. SPHS I was assigned as a volunteer to help the School library. The SPHS Library received […]

Swel Daw Yeik

Synonym Starting from the Rangoon University Golden Jubilee in 1970, the term “Swel Daw Yeik” became a synonym for RIT and its predecessors. Swel Daw Yeik Anyeint became a feature of the RIT gatherings such as Singapore Thingyan & SPZPs. Swel Daw Yeik Sar Saung was published by […]

U Khin

Post : 2015 Dear Hla Min, I have been an ardent “fan” of your RIT Newsletter updates ever since you included me in your mailing list at the suggestion of Des Rodgers many many years ago. You have made a great contribution to the RIT community by bringing […]

RIT English

Scrabble Saya Des and Saya U Khin were Scrabble Champions at the tournaments held at Guardian premises, YMCA and RIT. Many sayas from the English Department and Civil Department are Scrabble enthusiasts Chambers Dictionary and Jones Pronouncing Dictionary were used to confirm/deny the word challenges. They were always […]

Retire / Re-tire

Steeve’s Advice U Thaung Sein (Steeve Kay, EC70) is a Multiple Golden Sponsor of SPZPs. He said, “You should not retire. You may re-tire (as in re-threading a tire). We will try to support you and your projects. Retired I am retired from working to make ends meet. […]

Steeve Kay [2]

Never forgot his roots Steeve Kay (U Thaung Sein, EC70) never forgot his roots : his beloved land, alma mater, mentors and friends. His mentors, colleagues and friends also acknowledge hie metta and cetana. e.g. the Combined 1st BE Intake of 64 and 65 acknowledged him in the […]