Books and Multimedia

For archive (Updated on March 1, 2019) Monasteries [usually] have [private] libraries. There are [usually] texts in Pali, Burmese/Myanmar and English. Volunteers [often] help index the library collection. Theravada means “Way of the Elders”. At the First Buddhist Council and at the subsequent Councils, the sacred texts are […]

Paritti (Books and Audio)

For archive (Updated on March 1, 2019) The early Paritta texts were edited by Saya Phyay, Thudhammawaddy U Pan Maung, … The Ministry of Religious Affairs published the “normal” version of 11 Pairtta Suttas, a “super-sized” version of 30+ Suttas (including the 11 Paritta Suttas). The Suttas were […]

Dhammapada Verse

For archive (Updated on March 1, 2019) The following Dhammapada verse is frequently quoted by Sayadaws and writers. “Not to do any evil, to cultivate good, to purify one’s mind, – this is the Teaching of the Buddhas.” It seems simple (at the basic level), but it also […]

Three Sayamas

For archive (Updated on March 1, 2019) Sayama Daw Yin Yin Mya (Terry) Head, RIT English Department She relocated to Australia Sayama Dr. Daw Thaung Khin Taught Chemistry in our 2nd BE Class Went for post-graduate studies at McGill University in Canada Later became Head of RIT Chemistry […]

Saw Lin

Updated on May 30, 2019 U Saw Lin (C71) served as Secretary of RIT Civil Engineering Association. He succeeded Saya Dr. Myo Khin (C70). He was active in SPZP and MES. There was no formal Alumni Association or SDYF at the time. During my visit to Yangon, he […]