Updated on May 1, 2019 Heart is a body organ. Heart attacks may result in death. Heart is one of the four suits in a card deck. The others are Club, Diamond and Spade. The Heart line is one of the major lines in Palmistry along with the […]


Updated on May 1, 2019 In our Grammar class, we had to study Active Voice and Passive Voice. Sayagyi Dr. Aung Gyi reminds us to be Physically Active Mentally Active Socially Active. Saw Maung Maung Htwe (Intake of 64) was a star athlete at RIT. He stays active […]

Htay Lwin Nyo

Updated on May 26, 2019 Tribute Tribute to Dr. HTAY LWIN NYO (EP74, ex-ucc) Part-time Professor, EE, SJSU (1951 July – 2000 April) H e was a genius, a researcher, a friend T eaching was his passion to the very end A jack of all trades, a doctorate […]

Department : Pali

Updated : May 1, 2019 Sayagyi U Pe Maung Tin Sayagyi is the first native Professor. He successfully proposed the opening of the Burmese Department at Rangoon University. His works include translation of Visuddhimagga the Expositor (Atthasalai) Burmese Grammar Glass Palace Chronicle (co-author) Sayadaw U Thitthila Sayadaw did […]

Men on the Moon

Updated on April 27, 2019 Space race The Soviet Union was ahead of the United States of America in the space race. Yuri Gagarin was the first cosmonaut to orbit the earth. USA would take some time to design and implement Mercury project (for an astronaut) Gemini project […]


Updated on April 27, 2019 Mudita is a Pali term. Mudita is rendered as Altruistic Joy. Mudita is also translated as Sympathetic Joy. Mudita is one of the four Bhamaso Taya. The others are Metta, Karuna and Uppekkha. One could and should feel joyful when one hears good […]