Indian Deities

By Dr. Thane Oke Kyaw Myint (SPHS60, IM67) Update : March 9, 2020 The trinity of Hindu Goddesses Suraswati; goddess of wisdom and learning Lakshmi: goddess of wealth, fortune and prosperity Parvati: goddess of love, fertility and devotion Two other significant god and goddess Ganesh: remover of obstruction, […]


Updated : June 19, 2019 Sayagyi Dr. Aung Gyi (Rector) Sayagyi U Aung Khin (M) Saya U Kyaw Myint (T) Saya Des Rodgers (English) Saya U Ko Ko Kyi (EC72) U Kyaw Thu (Dennis Mackey, C73) U Aung Myint Thwin (C7x) U Zaw Oo (M7x) U Tha Aung […]


Updated on May 2, 2019 Sayama Daw Yin Yin Mya (English) Saya U Maung Maung Win (M61) Saya U Hla Myint (Charlie, M65) Saya U Thit (Met, GBNF) Saya U Myo Win (Melvin, M65, GBNF) Mickey Po Saw (M67) U Win Boh (Robert, EC69) Surinder Singh (EP70) Daw […]


Updated on May 2, 2019 Saya U Khin (RIT English) Two siblings of Roland Chen (U Kyi Aung, ChE73). Benedict Sia (Myat Swe, M75) is a life member of RITAA. He donated K2 lakhs to the YTU Library Modernization. Saya Dr. Nyo Win worked in the USA and […]


Updated on May 2, 2019 The following may have relocated. Saya U Nyi Nyi (EE) Saya Dr. Aung Shein (C73) U Myint Khine (Norman, C63) Daw Tin Tin Win (Yvonne) Daw Khin May Than (ChE72) U Nyunt Aung (C73) Daw Sandar Bo (C70) Daw Aye Aye Than (Pauk […]


Updated on May 2, 2019 Bala may stand for Strength or Prowess. There are “Bala Nga Tan” (Five kinds of strength) Kaya Bala (Physical Strength). In our younger days, there were Kaya Bala Ah Thin for developing Physical Strength. Some instructors have their names prefixed with “Kaya Bala”. […]

Analogy and Analog

Updated on May 2, 2019 An analogy is a comparison of two things that are similar. Analog may stand for “a person or an object which may be compared to another”. Devices may be analog, digital or hybrid. An analog device uses information represented by a continuous variable. […]


Updated on May 2, 2019 By Hla Min The intriguing splendor of the East Where the soft wind melts your heart Where lavish nature gives you a feast And a truly cool refreshing bath Mountainous tides roll in like thunder Then lie helpless on the shore Fishing boats […]