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Update : October 20, 2021 There was a Coup D’etat on March 2, 1962. There were two dark days in July 1962. July 7th saw the violent techniques for handling protests. July 8th saw the demolition of the Rangoon University Student Union. All parties (except BSPP) and organizations […]

Alumni Association

Update : October 20, 2021 Background Many universities have “Alumni Relations Department” and “Alumni Association“. They have personnel to reach out to alumni and hold alumni events. Notable and successful alumni support their alma mater in various ways. e.g. establish new Departments, Chairs, Research facilities, Mentoring programs, Internships […]

Civil : Album

Update : October 12, 2021 Civil Engineering was the first one to be offered at Rangoon University The first group of students graduated in 1928. U Ba Hli First native Dean, Faculty of Engineering, Rangoon University Taught Civil Engineering courses Credited for proposing the “Twinning Program” with prestigious […]