Month: July 2022

HM : Arithmetic

In our younger days, we had to study Arithmetic. Reading, (W)riting and (A)rithmetic were the Three R’s. Burmese version is Ah Thone Lone (for Ah Phut, Ah Yay and Ah Twet. Had to study some subjects in English and Burmese. Texts Our elders used the textbook by Workman. […]

HM : Samvega

It is a Pali word meaning “Sense of urgency”. We’ve heard the term many times especially when we attended the last journey of our loved ones. We feel the pain even when the dearly departed are in their 80s. The pain grows when we learn that someone young […]

HM : Myanmar

Language There are two forms of Myanmar / Burmese language. Myanmar Sagar (Oral / spoken) Myanmar Sar (Written) Alphabet The Alphabet has 33 Eik Khaya (loosely rendered as letter or character). Grouping There are several groups (Wagga) of five letters. Linguists and phonologists refer to the groups as […]

HM : Log

RUBC Rangoon University Boat Club (RUBC) used to maintain logs. Every crew lists the boat used, time in & out, the name of the members, and message (e.g. leak). The Color Award Team meets after the Monsoon Regatta and Annual Regatta to consider candidates for Half Green and […]

HM : Calendar

Calendar types Academic calendarIt may span two years.e.g. The Class of 1958 has to attend classes in 1957 and 1958 Civil calendarIt is used for Civil or Administrative purposes. It is also used for general purpose by people and organizations Early Roman calendarIt covers only 10 months. September, […]

HM : Era

AD / CE AD stands for Anno Domini / “In the year of our Lord” Also known as CE (Common Era) Usually differs from the Burmese Era by 638Note : Burmese New Year falls in mid-April. So, the Gregorian year will span two Burmese years. BC BC stands […]