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Rowing *

Old Crocs Old members of RUBC (Rangoon University Boat Club) are fondly known as Old Crocs (or Crocodiles). When RUBC was destroyed due to the ravages of war, the Old Crocs rebuilt the Club and provided physical, financial and spiritual support to the members to compete against the […]

RIT Badminton *

Past President U Thein Lwin (GBNF) Selection Khin Maung Zaw There was another student, couple of years behind, who played badminton and also a long distance runner. I believe he’s from Textile. Unfortunately, I could not recall his name. We used to hand out at Athletic officer Ko […]

Thaing *

Thaing is a generic name for Burmese/Myanmar Martial Arts. Thaing comprises of(a) Bando (unarmed combat Thaing) and(b) Banshay (armed combat Thaing). There are various schools of Thaing. One famous school was started by U Pyi Thein. He was familiar with other martial arts. He translated/adapted a book on […]

RUBC [2] *

Captains of RUBC (1925 – 1965) The list is not exhaustive. U Ba Tun (1925) was the first Captain of RUBC Commodore Than Pe (1927, 1928, 1930, Second President, succeeded Sir Arthur Eggar) : Defense Boat Club, Burma Rowing Federation, Vice Chief of Staff, Revolutionary Council, Minister of […]

Footballers *

Feedback by U Aye (M62, HIC/FAO/UN (Retired)) Burma Selected RU First Eleven Football Team Photos provided by Pearl Shein (Pale Shein, M.Sc. Computer Science) In memory of her father Kenneth Shein U Aye (M62, HIC/FAO/UN (Retired)) wrote : Ko Ko Gyi and Tun Wain were former Tenasserim division […]