Thanksgiving *

The fourth Thursday of November is celebrated in the US as “Thanksgiving Day”. It is traditional to have Turkey dinner at Thanksgiving. It is traditional to have the President select a Turkey and give it “Presidential Pardon”. History Channel says that there is no evidence that turkey was […]

Class of M75 *

The Class of M75 include They held gatherings. On November 2017, several members donated to the Mechanical Engineering Fund. The donations were accepted by Saya U Ye Linn Oo. U Maurice Chee’a visits to Yangon U Maurice Chee visited Yangon in November 2017. He went to pay respect […]


Updated on February 27, 2019 (1) The list of GBNF for 69ers now has 82 entries. One 69er said, “In five years, most of our classmates will be gone”. (2) Lost two classmates (one from primary school, and one from high school). U Myint Sein (Bobby) became unconscious […]