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Video Broadcast : #August 21, 2020 Short term memoryModeled by computers as Random Access Memory (RAM)Important information should be copied to Long term memory Long term memoryModeled by computers as Backing Store (e.g. tapes, disks, drums)Slower than Short Term Memory Associative memoryRelated information could be chunked for efficient […]


Video Broadcast : #109 December 3, 2020 Ludu Newspaper and Publications Ludu (in Mandalay) is known for the publishing house and publications (e.g. newspaper) Its founders Ludu U Hla and Ludu Daw Ah Mar (Amar) are icons. They nurtured journalists, writers, cartoonists, …e.g. Ludu Sein Win, Paw Oo […]


Video Broadcast : #August 20, 2020 Pillars of Learning Learning to know Learning to do Learning to be Learning to live Life long learning Learn something new every day (if possible)If not, every month or every year Sample Daily activities Listen to BlinkistListen to Merriam Webster’s Word of […]


Video Broadcast : #September 4, 2020 Medium for Communication Spoken Language e.g. Myanmar Sagar Written Language e.g. Myanmar Sar Natural Language Natural Language Understanding Natural Language Processing Native Language / Mother Tongue Foreign Language TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language) ESL (English as a Second Language) […]

National Foreign Language Center

Video Broadcast : #September 8, 2020 University of Maryland (1986 – present) NFLC Based in College Park, Maryland Teach Foreign Languages Portal (for resources) Projects for selected languagese.g. Burmese Language Project (2008) Listening Comprehension Reading Comprehension Universities teaching Myanmar SOAS Dr. Hla Pe, John O’Kell NIU (Northern Illinois […]


Video Broadcast :September 27, 2020 During our school days Basics taught as General Science(up to 7th standard) High School Final (9th standard)Yupa Beda (Physics text by Dr. Maung Maung Kha and U San Tha Aung)Chu Pu Thein (SPHS) had highest score in Physics. Due to rule changes, he […]


Video Broadcast : #September 7, 2020 Books Principia by Sir Isaac Newton Principles of Mathematics by Bertrand Russell Principia Mathematica by Whitehead and Russell Some well-known Principles and Laws Pareto Principle (and variants)80-20 rule Less is more (and applications)Small is beautiful Peter’s Principle Dilbert’s Principle Law of Diminishing […]


Video Broadcast : #September 1, 2020 Translation is the process of converting information in a Source language into a Target language. For example, Dhammapada has been translated from Pali into other languages (e.g. English, Burmese, French, German). English to Burmese Translators Shwe Oo Daung Thakin Ba Thaung U […]