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Ba Gyan

Video Broadcast : #September 10, 2020 Cartoon U Ba Gyan (1902 – 1953) Cartoons Comics Poster / Painting Novel 13th St Tazaung daing Cartoon Exhibition Alinkar Kyawswar (1955: posthumous award) Collaborators : U Hein Soon, U Ngwe Kaing Mentor : Burma Art Club President Pagan U Ba Gyan […]

Burmese Music

U Khin Zaw (“K”), Director, Burma Broadcasting Service Article written in 1958 What is Burmese music like? To ears accustomed only to Western music, ours may at first be a little disconcerting. It may seem more like a medley of spontaneous, unrelated sounds than a careful composition. And […]


Guinness is a brewery. Guinness published the “Guinness Book of World Records“.Guinness hired the McWhirter Twins (Norris and Ross) who ran a fact finding agency. Ross McWhirter perished in an IRA bombing. The book was updated annually. It expanded in size with the editions. There is a TV […]

Dr. Rimon Than

He is the elder son of U Maung Maung Kyi, my classmate at SPHS and I.Sc.(A), my crew mate at RUBC and my best man at my wedding. Sad to lose an accomplished “Rescue Team Leader”. Sad Event The sad event occurred on February 15, 2013. Squadron Leader […]


The following are about some students who matriculated from St. Paul’s High School in 1963. See related posts (e.g. D S Saluja) in my web site and FB pages. Scholarship holders In the Matriculation examination in 1963, the students from St. Paul’s High School had five in the […]

For Fun

U Thein Aung Differentiation There were two Thein Aung in the RIT Class of 1972. U Thein Aung (M72) presents the differentiation with U Thein Aung (Met72). I am Set Hmu — Maung Thein Aung. (I am Maung Thein Aung studying Mechanical Engineering.) He is Set Hmu Maung […]

University of Life

I had formal schooling, but most of the materials I am posting are from the “Lan Na Bay Tekkatho” (“University of Life”). Met Barbers, Cab Drivers and Say Sayas who turned out to be good story tellers. Barbers Ko Thet was a neighbor of Mintha Yoyogyi Zeya. He […]


The following are some coveted Prizes. There are other National and International Awards, Nobel Prizes Alfred Nobel was a Swedish scientist. Per Alfred Nobel’s will, the prizes are awarded for Physics Chemistry Physiology or Medicine Literature Peace Some Nobel prizes are given to a team. A few (e.g. […]

Rangoon University Estate

Rangoon University Estate included the following (with name changes and/or structural changes over the years). Rangoon College Judson College BOC College Convocation Hall Administrative Offices Housing for sayas Hostels for male and female students RUSU (Rangoon University Students’ Union) Sanatorium (Tekkatho Hospital) RU Gymnasium Tekkatho Dhammayone RUBC (Rangoon […]


Mingun Bell For a certain period, the Mingun Bell weighing 55555 viss was the largest functioning ringing bell in the world. Young Burmese remember the weight of the bell with the mnemonic “Min Phyu Hman Hman Pyaw”. One viss equals 3.6 pounds. Mingun Jetavana Sayadaw U Narada (1868 […]