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Video Broadcast : #August 30, 2020 Dictionary Types Buddhist Dictionary Burmese Dictionary Burmese to English DictionaryJudson English DictionaryChambersFunk and WagnallMerriam Webster Oxford English … English to Burmese DictionaryDr. Ba HanJudsonModern Tet Toe… Free Dictionary Lexicon Lexicographers Online Dictionary Pali, English, Myanmar TermsMyat Kyaw and San Lwin Rhyming Dictionary […]


Video Broadcast : #September 1, 2020 Translation is the process of converting information in a Source language into a Target language. For example, Dhammapada has been translated from Pali into other languages (e.g. English, Burmese, French, German). English to Burmese Translators Shwe Oo Daung Thakin Ba Thaung U […]


Video Broadcast : #September 4, 2020 Medium for Communication Spoken Language e.g. Myanmar Sagar Written Language e.g. Myanmar Sar Natural Language Natural Language Understanding Natural Language Processing Native Language / Mother Tongue Foreign Language TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language) ESL (English as a Second Language) […]


Video Broadcast : #September 3, 2020 Conventional wisdomTaught over the years e.g. Edison’s remark : 1% inspiration and 99% perspiration Unconventional wisdomThink out of the boxe.g. Work smarter; not harder Fosbury FlopDick Fosbury, Olympic High Jump ChampionHad limitations with the traditional style (“Straddle Jump”) Tried a new technique […]

National Foreign Language Center

Video Broadcast : #September 8, 2020 University of Maryland (1986 – present) NFLC Based in College Park, Maryland Teach Foreign Languages Portal (for resources) Projects for selected languagese.g. Burmese Language Project (2008) Listening Comprehension Reading Comprehension Universities teaching Myanmar SOAS Dr. Hla Pe, John O’Kell NIU (Northern Illinois […]


Video Broadcast : #September 7, 2020 Books Principia by Sir Isaac Newton Principles of Mathematics by Bertrand Russell Principia Mathematica by Whitehead and Russell Some well-known Principles and Laws Pareto Principle (and variants)80-20 rule Less is more (and applications)Small is beautiful Peter’s Principle Dilbert’s Principle Law of Diminishing […]

Priests and Sayadaws

Former Classmates Catholic Priests Father Edwin David (SPHS, GBNF) Served as Priest of the St. Mary’s Cathedral. Father Bernard Taylor (SPHS) Served as a Missionary in some Asian countries (e.g. Phillipines).Resettled in Upper Burma. Sayadaws Ashin Okkantha (Aung Chaw, Victor, SPHS63, C69) Became monk after retirement. First monastery […]

Scholar Athletes

Video Broadcast : #103 November 27, 2020 Rangoon University Soccer Saya Nyein (Coach) Many RU Selected also played for Burma U Than Win Captain Director, SPED (Sports and Physical Education Department) U Chan Tha Captain, Prome Hall Also RUBC Captain and Gold Collegian Nay Win Won Best Player […]

Encyclopedia (1)

Video Broadcast : #August 31, 2020 Early Days Pear’s CyclopediaWe used Pear’s soap in our younger days Swel Sone KyanCompiled by Burma Translation Society Encyclopedia BritannicaRelatively expensive to have a complete setTook several years to have a new version. Updates are provided annually. Present WikipediaAvailable in several languages. […]


Video Broadcast : #September 2, 2020 Adam and Eve Forbidden fruit in the Garden of Eden Some translators probably named it as Apple (since it is common) Adam’s ApplePresent in both men and womenSignificantly larger in men Sir Isaac Newton Anecdote Apple falling on Newton’s head lead to […]