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Update : November 15, 2022 Conventional wisdom says, “Practice makes perfect.” Unconventional wisdom says, “Perfect practice makes perfect.” In our Matriculation class, Brother Clementian — former Brother Director who continued teaching — gave a weekly one-hour Mathematics test on Saturdays. We had to answer three questions. With the practice, […]

Programming Language

Update : November 15, 2022 In Computer Science and applications, a Programming Language is a language used to program (e.g. instruct) computers. Machine Language In the early days, computer engineers and selected programmers have to program in Machine Language (with strings of Zeroes and Ones). They are due […]


Update : November 15, 2022 In my younger days, processing photos was relatively expensive. I received a “Box Camera” which did not require much expertise. Even then, processing a film roll of 12 pictures cost 3 – 5 kyats (if you take it to Ahuja or similar shops). […]


Update : November 15, 2022 Intermediate College U Min Than Thoung (Maurice) and Daw Su Su taught Physics in our I. Sc (A) class in 1963. Saya Maurice was the top student of his Honors class in 1961. He rowed as Bow in the Golden Crew along with […]


Update : November 15, 2022 There have been Ten Presidents for Three Eras. Three for Union of Burma The 17-man Revolutionary Council staged a Coup d’etat on March 2, 1962. Sao Shwe Thaik and Mahn Win Maung were among those detained. Sama Duwa Sin Wa Naung, who had […]


Update : November 15, 2022 Some are unfortunate to lose one or both parents in their youth. Some are fortunate to have one or both parents in their 90’s and beyond. Ivan’s Mother lived up to 102 Ivan Lee (U Khin Maung Oo, M69) is a Golden Sponsor […]