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Update : November 15, 2022 Information is data which is “Raw data” is processed to transform it into information. The processes typically include Technical papers are subject to reviews. On the contrary, there are Red Ribbon Campaigns are not effective against authorities who do not treasure Metta (Unbounded […]

Prizes [2]

Update : November 15, 2022 Nobel Prizes Alfred Nobel was a Swedish scientist. Per Alfred Nobel’s will, the prizes are awarded for In 1968, a Prize for Economics was added by the Swedish Central Bank. It is informally known as “Nobel Prize in Economics”. There are web sites […]


Update : November 15, 2022 I Love You Because by Hla Min I love you because I love youbecause you always stand dearevery time I opened up the doorYou’re always thereto help me eat my jam dearI love you morebecause you never snore. No matterWhen you’re sleeping or […]


Update : November 15, 2022 Cheiro (Count Louis Hammond) popularized Palmistry with his readings of the rich and the famous, and his writings on Palmistry and Numerology. He classified seven personality types based on the structure of the hand. He also covered the major lines and signs. There […]