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Athletics Myee Tun Naw was Burma and SEAP Champion for Marathon. The Mra brothers — Tun Mra (sprint), Kyaw Mra (hurdles) and Soe Mra (Pole Vault) — represented Burma in the 1st and 2nd SEAP Games. They won Gold Medals. Shigan Bum was Burma and SEAP Champion for […]

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The First SEAP (South East Asia Peninsular) Games was held in Bangkok in 1959. Second SEAP Games The Second SEAP Games was held in Rangoon in December 1961. Aung San Stadium was the main venue for Track & Field and Soccer. The indoor stadium hosted Basketball, Volleyball, … […]

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Second SEAP Games Some Champions Aung San Stadium Football / Soccer Swimming and Diving Tennis Rowing / RUBC Olympics Mingun Rangoon University Estate Prizes Lay Na Ban Tekkatho In Lighter Vein Second SEAP Games The 2nd SEAP (South East Asia Peninsular) Games was held in Rangoon in December […]

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Shwe YaDu Lann (Poem and Translation)Tekkatho Moe War (Saya U Moe Aung) wrote a poem for the RIT Shwe YaDu (Golden Jubilee).I translated the poem into English. Encyclopedia of Asian American Folklore and Folklife (Article)Nine of my articles were published in Volume One of the Encyclopedia. 23 Asian […]

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Terms Some of the terms (e.g. Class, Intake, HCF) that are used in my posts are defined and elaborated. LanguageThe are natural languages and programming languages. In our student days, there were only a handful of programming languages. It is important to understand and master concepts. Meaning Some […]

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Classmate PriestsHigh school and university classmates who became priestsSome quite earlyA few after retirement 1965 – 1969 Spent most of that period at Rangoon Institute of Technology Was active in extra-curricular activities 1920 – 1929 The first decade of Rangoon UniversityEstablished in December 1920 with Rangoon College and […]

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JudoJudo is an Olympic sport. There was an anecdote of why a Japanese businessman sponsored a team of Judo instrutors to help the Burmese team RIT Sayas who headed associationsMost departments (engineering and supporting subjects) have associations and activities. There were several associations (e.g. Track and Field, Swimming, […]

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Still So Young (Translation)“Nge Thay Loh” — Short story by Thu Kha (Author, Director, Actor)I received fifty kyats for the translation. U Thu Kha was given fifty kyats. Men on the Moon (Poem)Honoring the Apollo 11 Mission in July 1969Mr. Hall (USIA) forwarded my poem to NASA. Phaungdaw-u […]

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History and HistoriansAccording to a historian from Smithsonian Institution, “There is no single history. There are parallel (often competing) histories. “I volunteered as a Docent for Computer History Museum (CHM) in Moutain View, California. I was a member of the HMEE-2012 (History of Myanmar Engineering Education) project. Ko […]