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Kyaw Sein

Post : 2018 New Year Message Dear Sayagyis, Colleagues and Friends far and near,  Best wishes for a very Happy New Year 2018. May all the good health, happiness and prosperity be always with your whole family. [Saya Dr.] Kyaw Sein ( BIT, YIT, RIT, YTU, UNIMAP ) […]

Marking System

Updated : August 5, 2019 By Saya U Maung Maung Win In the examination system of the “old” (or “traditional”) system, every exam paper is scored using marks. The maximum possible marks is 100. The passing score is 40 marks. Less than that means the student’s performance was […]

U Aung Khin [3]

Mechanical Engineering Post 1950 By Sayagyi U Aung Khin I have chosen 1950 as the start of my recollections regarding the state of higher learning in the field of engineering because I was admitted to the Faculty of Engineering, Rangoon University, in June of that year. Also, Sayagyi […]

Burmese Tradition

Updated : August 4, 2019 (1) Paying respect to Sayas for their metta and cetana is a tradition that is unique to Burma/Myanmar. The tradition is alive and well. There have been SEVEN world wide SPZPs : SPZP-2000 (US) SPZP-2002, SPZP-2007, SPZP-2010 (Singapore) SPZP-2004, SPZP-2012, SPZP-2016 (Yangon) (2) […]

U Ba Than [2]

Updated : August 4, 2019 On October 2, 2008, the former students of Sayagyi U Ba Than (Retired Professor of Mechanical Engineering) was honored with a special Birthday and Garawa ceremony. It was special because it was a Thursday. Sayagyi was born on Thursday, October 2, 1930.

U Ba Than [1]

Updated : August 4, 2019 Sayagyi U Ba Than matriculated in 1947. He studied at the Imperial College in London, UK.Upon his return, he joined the Faculty of Engineering, University of Rangoon as Assistant Lecturer in the Mechanical Engineering Department. After teaching for some time, Sayagyi returned to […]

U Aung Khin [1]

In the first and second years of study, the students had to take courses basic to Civil, Electrical and Mechanical Engineering, namely, Geometric, Machine and Building Drawing, Building Construction, Electrotechnology, Heat Engines, Surveying and Workshop. In addition, The Mathematics Department of Rangoon University was responsible for teaching Statics […]