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* Eddie Teoh

From the SPZP-2000 Archives Dear Ko Hla Min, Khin Thein Yi and I are appreciative of the great amount of time and devotion spent by ALL the organizers, volunteers and spouses towards this Re-Union effort. Thank you much y’all! Your success was AWESOME! Imagine a crowd of 300+ […]

Fifth BE

By U Zaw Min Nawaday (EP70) and U Ohn Khine (M70) Fifth BE (1968 – 69) After the fourth year, it was decision time for us again. We could either take Electrical Communications (EC) or Electrical Power (EP). My heart said Communications but my brain decided for Power. […]

RIT69er HCF *

Great Job by U Aung Min (Chair, 69er HCF) He visited the families of 69ers who are GBNF. Dear RIT69ERS ဒီနေ့ (၄/၁၂/၂၀၂၁)တွင် လွန်ခဲ့သော လအနည်းငယ်က ကွယ်လွန်ခဲ့ကြပြီးဖြစ်သော သူငယ်ချင်းအချို့ / ဇနီး များတို့ထံသို့ သတင်းမေး ခြင်း အလှူငွေပေးအပ်ခြင်း များဆောင်ရွက်နိုင်ရန်သွားရောက်ခဲ့ပါသည်။ Abdul Rauf (E), Ko Chit Phay (M), Ko Tun (Met), Ko Khin Maung Gyi (M), […]

* SPZP-2000 [1]

The term “Saya Pu Zaw Pwe” was chosen over “Saya Ga Daw Pwe” to cater for alumni professing different faiths. Organizers Excerpts from the Newsletter Poem I composed a poem “SAYA PU ZAW PWE” where the lines started with a letter of the title. It was posted on […]