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First Words The first words learned by children all over the world is “Mother” and it variants. English Mother, Mom, Mum, Mummy, Mama Usage : Mother TongueMother EarthMotherland Myanmar Ah May, Mi Gin, Mway Mi Gin, Ah Mi, Mae Daw Usage : Mae Daw Maya Ah Mi Myay […]


Quality Qualitative Analysis Quality Assurance (QA) Quality Engineering (QE) Software Quality of Assurance (SQA) Quality of Service (QoS) Quality of Life Some metrics Good health Some people do not want to live long without a good Quality of Life Good relationships at home and work Air Pollution (with […]


Video Broadcast : #September 2, 2020 Adam and Eve Forbidden fruit in the Garden of Eden Some translators probably named it as Apple (since it is common) Adam’s ApplePresent in both men and womenSignificantly larger in men Sir Isaac Newton Anecdote Apple falling on Newton’s head lead to […]


Video Broadcast : #August 30, 2020 Dictionary Types Buddhist Dictionary Burmese Dictionary Burmese to English DictionaryJudson English DictionaryChambersFunk and WagnallMerriam Webster Oxford English … English to Burmese DictionaryDr. Ba HanJudsonModern Tet Toe… Free Dictionary Lexicon Lexicographers Online Dictionary Pali, English, Myanmar TermsMyat Kyaw and San Lwin Rhyming Dictionary […]


Video Broadcast : #August 24, 2020 Burma produced distinguished economists.To name a few : Dr. SolomonDean at Stanford UniversityEconomic Advisor for US President Richard Nixon Dr. Hla MyintEconomic Theory with his nameFormer Rector of Rangoon University Dr. Tun WaiFormer Dean of Social ScienceDirector of IMFManaged IMF Training Dr. […]


Video Broadcast : #August 23, 2020 Some Early Sayas U Pe Maung Tin Pali and Burmese Scholar First native Principal, Rangoon College Proposed Burmese Department as a separate language Early students include Theikpan Maung Wa (ICS U Sein Tin) Zawgyi (Saya U Thein Han) Minthuwun (Saya U Wun) […]


Video Broadcast : #August 21, 2020 Short term memoryModeled by computers as Random Access Memory (RAM)Important information should be copied to Long term memory Long term memoryModeled by computers as Backing Store (e.g. tapes, disks, drums)Slower than Short Term Memory Associative memoryRelated information could be chunked for efficient […]


Video Broadcast : #109 December 3, 2020 Ludu Newspaper and Publications Ludu (in Mandalay) is known for the publishing house and publications (e.g. newspaper) Its founders Ludu U Hla and Ludu Daw Ah Mar (Amar) are icons. They nurtured journalists, writers, cartoonists, …e.g. Ludu Sein Win, Paw Oo […]


Video Broadcast : #August 20, 2020 Pillars of Learning Learning to know Learning to do Learning to be Learning to live Life long learning Learn something new every day (if possible)If not, every month or every year Sample Daily activities Listen to BlinkistListen to Merriam Webster’s Word of […]