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Alan D’Santoz (Dr. Tin Win) Alan Khoo (Than Win, GBNF) Alan Pe Thet (Dr. Aung Tun Thet, MEHS61) Alan Saw Maung (Khin Maung Bo, SPHS63, EP69) Alphonso Rivers (U Aung, Maung Nge) Alex Ahad (Kyaw Win) Alex Khoo (Aung Kyaw, C80) Alex Win (Aung Win) Alfred Saw Maung […]

English Study 3 (Notes)

Video Broadcast : #213January 24, 2021 Thesaurus Roget’s ThesaurusOriginal : Organized as 1000 Topics ThesaurusDictionary form : Alphabetical Order Visual Thesaurus Thanks to my Parents and Uncles Classics Illustrated Junior Classics Illustrated Look and Learn How and Why Stories / Tales Aesop’s FablesGrimm Brothers… Pears’ Cyclopedia Encyclopedia Britannica […]

Volunteer (Notes)

Video Broadcast : #056October 11, 2020 Text Update : January 16, 2021 Introduction Provide service / expertise usually free (with volition) May receive indirect compensation (e.g experience, appreciation) The Battle of Alamo in Texas : fought by Davy Crockett and the Volunteers from Tennessee Peace Corps UNV (United […]

GBNF (Notes)

Video Broadcast : #064 Text Update : January 13, 2021 Overview Conventional wisdom says, “Pyauk thor thu shar hlyin tway. Thay thor thu kyar hlin may.” Unconventional wisdom says, “We should maintain GBNF lists as part of the Written History of our beloved alma mater, our mentors and […]

Apples (Notes)

Video Broadcast : #September 2, 2020 Adam and Eve Forbidden fruit in the Garden of Eden Some translators probably named it as Apple (since it is common) Adam’s ApplePresent in both men and womenSignificantly larger in men Sir Isaac Newton Anecdote Apple falling on Newton’s head lead to […]

Six Questions (Notes)

Video Broadcast : #180January 7, 2021 Commonly Asked Questions Who To whom When Where Why How Sixth Buddhist Council Questions by Mahasi Sayadaw Reply by Mingun Tipitaka Sayadaw Miscellaneous How and Why I created the Site (in Rudyard Kipling Guideline for reporters Feasibility studies Plan of operation […]

Dhammapada (Notes)

Video Broadcast : #171January 3, 2021 Introduction Dhammapada is a collection of Pali verses (that refer to Buddha’s teachings). It has been translated by several Pal Scholars. Some Dhammapada books also cover short stories related to the verses. Narada Thera’s Dhammapada The Dhammapada Subtitle: Pali text & translation […]

Change (Notes)

Video Broadcast October 7, 2020 ***** Definition (multiple senses) Why Change?Reason for changeImpactCost and Benefit How?GradualFast / abruptLevel (Individual, Group, National, Global)Law / OrderStandard / Recommendation ***** Evolution Revolution War Industrial Revolution : Fourth? Education : to leverage Industry 4.0 ***** Education systemsFaculty based UniversityToo many universities ?ILA […]