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For archive (Updated on February 26, 2019) Tipitaka Tipitaka (Three Baskets) contain Vinaya : Monastic rules of conduct Sutta : Discourses Abhidhamma : Ultimate Reality Patthana It is the 7th text in Abhidhamma.  It is also known as the Book of Conditional Relations.  There are 24 conditions. Root […]

World Records

For archive (Updated on February 26, 2019) Believe it or not Ripley’s “Believe it or not” named U Khanti Kyauksar (inscriptions) of the Fifth Buddhist Council (Synod) held in Mandalay as the “Largest Book” in the world. Guiness Book of World Records The Guiness Book of World Records […]


For archive (Updated on February 26, 2019) Questions and Answers Excerpts from “Introduction to Vipassana Meditation” by Venerable U Silananda Q: Where does the practice of Vipassana come from? A: Vipassana meditation chiefly comes from the tradition of Theravada Buddhism. There are two major divisions of Buddhism in […]


For archive (Updated on February 26, 2019) Foundations of Mindfulness This is the only way, monks, for the purification of minds of beings, for overcoming sorrow and lamentation, for the disappearance of pain and grief, for reaching the Path, for the realization of Nibbana, namely, the Four Foundations […]

Dhamma Archives

For archive (Updated on February 26, 2019) Tape Recorders In the 50’s and 60’s, Ampex tape recorders (and similar) were used at the Burma Broadcasting Service (BBS). Akai, Grundig, and Sony were some brands used at homes for recording. Sixth Buddhist Council During the Sixth Buddhist Council, BBS […]

Pagodas in the US

For archive (Updated on February 26, 2019) First pagoda in the US The pagoda was built on the Allegheny Mountains in New York by Dat Paung Zon Sayadaw U Thilawunta (also known fondly as “Mon Sayadaw”) in the 50’s. TKAM (Taungpulu Kaba Aye Monastery) Following the Dhamma Duta […]


For archive (Updated on February 27, 2019) Professors and Senior Sayas in Mathematics U Aung Hla U Aung Hla served as Professor of Mathematics, RU in the early days. His spouse (Daw May Than) was a well known singer. His son (U Mya Than) is an accomplished musician […]


For archive (Updated on February 27, 2019) The Universities’ Training Corp (UTC) offers basic military training to sayas and students. During our days, UTC offers an incentive. With a UTC ID, one gets a discount for seeing movies, One pays 90 pyas for the K1.50 class. The equipment […]


For archive (Updated on February 26, 2019) Guinea Pigs There used be a combined HSF and Matriculation examination. We became the Guinea Pigs for the ever changing Education System in Burma with the introduction of HSF Only examination in 1962. We lost one year because we had to […]