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U Hla Min’s Writings [4]

Updated on April 16, 2019 Hockey Judo Sayas who headed associations Independence Day Regatta in 1948 Chinlon Table Tennis Stars Father and Son Horse Racing Three Methodologies Laughter Hockey There are two kinds of Hockey : Field Hockey Ice Hockey Field Hockey In our younger days, Theinbyu Ground […]


Updated on February 27, 2019 (1) The list of GBNF for 69ers now has 82 entries. One 69er said, “In five years, most of our classmates will be gone”. (2) Lost two classmates (one from primary school, and one from high school). U Myint Sein (Bobby) became unconscious […]


Updated on March 20, 2019 R.U. Society of Electrical Engineering Students BSCE Association of Engineers in Burma after the Second World War RITAA SDYF BAPS RIT Alumni International NorCal RITAA BASES MES RIT Buddhist Association TBSA TMC R.U. Society of Electrical Engineering Students Executive Committee (1960 – 61) […]

UCC : Computer Systems

Updated on March 14, 2019 Introduction ICL Computer Systems ICL Software ICL Museum PDP Calcomp Cromemco IBM Computer Systems Introduction The UCC Project was funded by UNDP and executed by UNESCO. ICL submitted the winning bid for the UCC Project. The ICL 1902S System became the first mainframe […]


Updated on March 11, 2019 The list is not exhaustive. There may be variations (e.g. by Country). Triple Gems Buddha (the Enlightened One) Dhamma (His Teachings) Sangha (Monastic Order) Tipitaka (Three Baskets) Vinaya (Monastic Rules of Conduct) Sutta (Discourses) Abhidhamma (Ultimate Reality) Trainings Sila (Morality) Samadhi (Concentration) Panna […]