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Alumni : MIT

Dr. Freddie Ba Hli (Electrical Engineering, GBNF)Served as Director General of UBARI and Advisor at National PlanningMoved to Australia Dr. Ronald Findlay (Economics, GBNF)Retired as Dean, Columbia University U Sein Hlaing (Electrical Engineering, GBNF)Retired as Professor and Head of RIT EE Department Dr. Aung Gyi (Civil Engineering)Retired as […]

Alumni : Harvard

U Ba Toke (Mathematics, GBNF)Served as Professor of Mathematics at RU and RIT; Rector at MASU Associate Dean at Assumption University U San Tha Aung (Physics, GBNF)Served as Director General, DHE Saw William Paw (MBA)Served as Professor and Head of Commerce Department U Nyunt We (MBA, GBNF)Banking NLD […]

HM : Shwe Dagon

Many books and photos have been published about Shwe Dagon Pagoda. During our younger days, we visited Shwe Dagon pagoda on Sundays. We often see U Nyan Tun (father of Sayama Daw Khin Sandar Tun) volunteering for Kusala Kari Ah Thinn. The members of the association did the […]

VB : Men On The Moon

Video Broadcast : #128 December 12, 2020 Space Race between USSR and USA Early lead by USSR First cosmonaut Yuri Gagarin Second cosmonaut Gherman Titov First female cosmonautValentina Tereshkova NASA Projects Mercury Projectfor single astronautWe Seven (book by the seven astronauts)The Right Stuff (book and movie) Gemini Projectfor […]

HM : Short Notes (1)

Alphabet Burmese / Myanmar Alphabet (Ka, Kha …) English Alphabet (A to Z) Greek Alphabet (Alpha to Omega) Pali Alphabet Pyu Alphabet Bhamaso Taya Metta : Loving Kindness, Unbounded Love Karuna : Compassion Mudita : Altruistic Joy, Sympathetic Joy Uppekkha : Equanimity Buddhism Vinaya : Monastic Rules of […]