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Good and Bad Habits Good habits allow us to perform things in auto-pilot mode. Bad habits (e.g. addiction) are easy to develop, but difficult to quit.With patience and practice, we can modify and substitute the bad components in the habit with good ones. The triggers may remain the […]


In our younger days Our grand parents and parents had workers who were non-Buddhists. They gave us sweets (for Diwali), dan bauk (for Id) and presents (for Christmas). During our younger days, we had classmates who professed different religions and lived in perfect harmony. Christians Saya U Pe […]


During our school days we had to learn World History (Feudal system, Renaissance, …) and Burmese History (called “Yazawin”and renamed as “Thamaing”). Later, after hearing from the Thin sayas, Myin sayas, and Kyar sayas, I became interested in some aspects of history : History of computers and computing […]


Heart is a body organ. Heart attacks may result in death. Heart is a suit in a card deck. The others are Club, Diamond and Spade. The Heart line is a major line in Palmistry.Others are the Life line, Fate line and Head line. Systems send “Heart Beat” […]


First Words The first words learned by children all over the world is “Mother” and it variants. English Mother, Mom, Mum, Mummy, Mama Usage : Mother TongueMother EarthMotherland Myanmar Ah May, Mi Gin, Mway Mi Gin, Ah Mi, Mae Daw Usage : Mae Daw Maya Ah Mi Myay […]


Quality Qualitative Analysis Quality Assurance (QA) Quality Engineering (QE) Software Quality of Assurance (SQA) Quality of Service (QoS) Quality of Life Some metrics Good health Some people do not want to live long without a good Quality of Life Good relationships at home and work Air Pollution (with […]

Proverbs (Notes)

Video Broadcast : #226January 30, 2021 There are proverbs in most languages. Features of a Proverb Simple and concrete saying Often passed down generations Told and retold repeatedly Conveys a truth Based on common sense May have origins in the Holy Books and History Dueling Proverbs “Dueling Proverbs” […]

1969 (Notes)

Video Broadcast : #127 December 12, 2020 Science Scholarship (SS) Awards First awarded in 1969 Award : K100 per month for majoring in Mathematics, Physics or ChemistryRegular scholarship provides K75 per month Applicant must gain Distinctions in the above three subjects Applicant must score 90+ marks in at […]