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VB : Table Tennis

Video Broadcast : #145December 21, 2020 Game PlayersSinglesDoubles StylesHand shakePen Grip Points21 points (early period) : Best of 5 games (typical)11 points (later period) : Best of 7 games TournamentsWorld Championship OlympicsAsian GamesSEAP / SEA GamesNationalInter-InstituteRIT MiscellaneousAlso known as “Ping Pong”Ping Pong Diplomacy (credited to Henry Kissinger)Pong (Early […]

VB : Zero

Video Broadcast : #142 December 19, 2020 Computing Hindu-Arabic Number System Positional Number System Decimal Number System0 to 9 Binary Number System0 and 1 Zero is Additive Identitya + 0 = a Zero is a Kind of “Annihilator”a x 0 = 0 Zero may be used to represent […]

VB : November

Video Broadcast : #November 21, 2020 Nov means 9 9th month of old Roman Calendar 11th month of Gregorian Calendar 1919 Truce declared for WWI Nov 11, 11:11 AM Armistice Day Veteran’s Day (USA) 1963 President John F Kennedy “Men on the Moon” speech at Houston, Texas Assassination […]

VB : 1969

Video Broadcast : #127 December 12, 2020 Science Scholarship (SS) Awards First awarded in 1969 Award : K100 per month for majoring in Mathematics, Physics or ChemistryRegular scholarship provides K75 per month Applicant must gain Distinctions in the above three subjects Applicant must score 90+ marks in at […]

VB : 1970

Video Broadcast : #129 December 13, 2020 Golden Jubilees in 1970 Establishment of Rangoon University on December 1, 1920Volunteer, Zay Nay Yar Cha Htar Yay Committee Entertainment by RIT Ah Nu Pyinnya ShinsHtee Yein (Pansy, Mar Mar Yee …)Swel Daw Yeik Ah Nyeint (Mya San Win, Myint Pe […]

VB : 1971

Video Broadcast : #131 December 14, 2020 UCC Dr. Chit Swe (GBNF) : Founder / DirectorAlso, Professor of Mathematics, RASU U Soe Paing : Manager of Systems DivisionTransferred from RIT U Ko Ko Lay (GBNF) : Manager of Operations DivisionTransferred from PWD U Myo Min : Manager of […]

VB : 1973

Video Broadcast : #135 December 16, 2020 Some Graduates in 1973 Doctors Dr. Ba Han Dr. Than Aung HE Dr Myint Htwe … Engineers Dr. Myint Thein (M73) Doctorate from Georgia Tech, Atlanta, USA Dr. L Sein Myint (M73)Doctorate from UKWorked in UK, USA, Malaysia and Myanmar U […]

VB : 1974

Video Broadcast : #137 December 17, 2020 RIT Graduates in 1974 Dr. Htay Lwin Lwin (EP74, GBNF)RIT LuyechunMSc.(CS) from UCCPh.D from Syracuse UniversityPassed away in San Jose (where he was teaching at SJSU)See my posts about his Last Journey U Myint Swe (EP74)Worked in Singapore and USAVice President, […]