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VB : National Foreign Language Center

Video Broadcast : # University of Maryland (1986 – present) NFLC Based in College Park, Maryland Teach Foreign Languages Portal (for resources) Projects for selected languagese.g. Burmese Language Project (2008) Listening Comprehension Reading Comprehension Universities teaching Myanmar SOAS Dr. Hla Pe, John O’Kell NIU (Northern Illinois University)U Kyaw […]

VB : Volunteer

Video Broadcast : #056October 11, 2020 Introduction Provide service / expertise usually free (with volition) May receive indirect compensation (e.g experience, appreciation) The Battle of Alamo in Texas : fought by Davy Crockett and the Volunteers from Tennessee Peace Corps UNV (United Nations Volunteers)extended to Online Volunteers Volunteers […]

VB : University

Video Broadcast : #August 28, 2020 College Institute School Multi-disciplinary projects Early Universities Europe (e.g. Italy) Later in UK (e.g. Oxford, Cambridge) In USA (e.g. Ivy League Schools) Professor Assistant Professor Associate Professor Professor University Professor Tenured Professor Visiting Professor Emeritus Professor Rangoon University Started with two constituent […]

VB : Zero

Video Broadcast : #142 December 19, 2020 Computing Hindu-Arabic Number System Positional Number System Decimal Number System0 to 9 Binary Number System0 and 1 Zero is Additive Identitya + 0 = a Zero is a Kind of “Annihilator”a x 0 = 0 Zero may be used to represent […]

VB : Win

Video Broadcast : # Win – Lose In a two person zero sum game, there is usually a winner and a loser. In multiple person zero sum game, there is usually some winners and some losers. No Joint Winners One or more overtime periods may be necessary to […]

VB : Y

Video Broadcast : #149 December 23, 2020 25th Letter of the Alphabet Y Connection Y-Delta conversion (in Electrical Engineering) Y JunctionCity named WYE (instead of Y) due to the minimum length naming rule Short for YMCAYoung Men Christian Association Three Contributions by YMCA Dale Carnegie The Art of […]

VB : 1972

Video Broadcast : #131 Some RIT Graduates Victor Aung Myin (M) : Scholar Athlete Wynn Htain Oo (M) : Fund raiser and Organizer Nyan Win Shwe (M) : Chair of SPZP-2007 Myint Pe (M) : Lu Shwin Daw, Cartoonist, MES Win Myint (M) : Poet Ko Ko Kyi […]