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HM : Methodist

Methodist was founded as a “revival” movement of the Church of England. Methodist became a Protestant Denomination, and spread world wide. Burma had three kinds of Methodist Churches and schools: English Methodist Burmese Methodist Chinese Methodist MEHS MEHS stands for Methodist English High School. MEHS was rebuilt after […]

HM : Heart

Heart is a body organ. Heart attacks may result in death. Heart is a suit in a card deck. The others are Club, Diamond and Spade. The Heart line is a major line in Palmistry.Others are the Life line, Fate line and Head line. Systems send “Heart Beat” […]

HM : Harmony

In our younger days Our grand parents and parents had workers who were non-Buddhists. They gave us sweets (for Diwali), dan bauk (for Id) and presents (for Christmas). During our younger days, we had classmates who professed different religions and lived in perfect harmony. Christians Saya U Pe […]

HM : Habit

Good and Bad Habits Good habits allow us to perform things in auto-pilot mode. Bad habits (e.g. addiction) are easy to develop, but difficult to quit.With patience and practice, we can modify and substitute the bad components in the habit with good ones. The triggers may remain the […]

VB : Electrical Engineering

Video Broadcast : # Discipline Based on Electricity, Magnetism, Electromagnetism Types of currentDirect Current (DC) : EdisonAlternating Current (AC) : Tesla EE course One of the three early courses — along with Civil and Mechanical — given at Rangoon University Electrical Power (EP) In some countries called Power […]

VB : Principles

Video Broadcast : # Books Principia by Sir Isaac Newton Principles of Mathematics by Bertrand Russell Principia Mathematica by Whitehead and Russell Some well-known Principles and Laws Pareto Principle (and variants)80-20 rule Less is more (and applications)Small is beautiful Peter’s Principle Dilbert’s Principle Law of Diminishing Return Parkinson’s […]

VB : Six Questions

Video Broadcast : #180January 7, 2021 Commonly Asked Questions Who To whom When Where Why How Sixth Buddhist Council Questions by Mahasi Sayadaw Reply by Mingun Tipitaka Sayadaw Miscellaneous How and Why I created the Site (in Rudyard Kipling Guideline for reporters Feasibility studies Plan of operation […]

VB : Physics

Video Broadcast : During our school days Basics taught as General Science(up to 7th standard) High School Final (9th standard)Yupa Beda (Physics text by Dr. Maung Maung Kha and U San Tha Aung)Chu Pu Thein (SPHS) had highest score in Physics. Due to rule changes, he left to […]