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Mentors *

Learning English I fondly remember the days that I had to read / study Dr. Chit Swe (GBNF) Dr. Chit Swe (Professor of Mathematics, Founder/Director of UCC, and Rector of RASU) was/is my mentor. Saya invited over renowned computer scientists [led by Professor Harry D. Huskey] and mathematicians […]

My name *

I introduce myself to non-Burmese as follows: My name has two words and six letters. It is interesting to note that my name has been misspelled and mispronounced in more than six ways. They include Speeches on names I gave a series of speeches: At Toastmasters meetings, I […]

Mathematics *

Intermediate College U Khin Zaw, Daw Khin Ma Ma and Mr. Choudry taught Mathematics in the last ever I.Sc (A) class at Leik Khone in 1963. Dr. Kyaw Thein (GBNF) was our tutor. U Khin Zaw later headed the Mathematics Department at Workers’ College. Daw Khin Ma Ma […]

U Min Wun *

Biographic Sketch of Saya U Min Wun Professor Emeritus and Head of Department of Civil Engineering Rangoon Institute of Technology Yangon, Myanmar NATIVITY:  Born, brought up, and schooled in Taungdwingyi, Magwe Division, Myanmar, by my parents Saw Boon Koke (aka) U Win Myint and Daw Kyin Toke. […]

Model *

A Physical Model is usually a scaled down version of a real-life entity. In our younger days, some schools and universities had Aero-modeling clubs. Ko Eddie (Edward Teoh, M64) helped run the Aero-modeling club. A Mathematical Model is a representation of an idea, concept, theory using Mathematics. It […]

U Min Wun *

Saya U Min Wun Gathering in SoCal (Southern California) Date : June 25, 2019 Place : Temple City, Southern California Attendees : Event Messages U Cecil Teoh wrote : Thanks to Ko Tin Htoon & Dr. San Lin for coordinating this Luncheon & Reunion of RIT Retirees. Saya U […]