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Factors in a Presentation

Update : January 16, 2022 Action End a presentation with “Call for Action” AudienceKnow your audienceFine tune your presentation to match the audience Audio QualityCheck the speaker system Appropriate volume Constructive criticismUse applicable suggestions from past presentations Coverage BreadthDepth Dress FormalSemi-formalInformal Message Persuasion PresentationUse appropriate technique Propsif relevant […]


Update : January 16, 2022 Foundation may stand for Base (e.g. foundation of a building). It may be an organization to support a noble cause (e.g. Education) “Four Foundations of Mindfulness” is a treatise for Meditation. I was assigned as a volunteer to help the School library. The […]


Update : January 16, 2022 During the design phase, the product manager and the developers categorize the requirements as Must have Nice to have. During extensive testing and often much later, bugs (of varying severity) show up. Some subtle errors are dubbed “features”. In group photos with Yours […]


Update : January 16, 2022 Fire is a good servant but a bad master. Fire is one of man’s five enemies. There are several causes of fire. They include : failure of power and gas lines lightning negligence hate crimes arson In 2018, three fires occurred in California […]


Update : January 16, 2022 There were two Thein Aung in the RIT Class of 1972. U Thein Aung (M72) presents the differentiation with U Thein Aung (Met72). I am Set Hmu — Maung Thein Aung. (I am Maung Thein Aung studying Mechanical Engineering.) He is Set Hmu […]


Update : January 3, 2021 Ko Cecil Teoh (C63) and Ko Edward Teoh (M64) are the 3rd and 5th of the 15 Teoh Siblings named alphabetically — from A (Albert) to O (Oscar). Kenny Teoh was the web master of MEHS (Methodist English High School) web site. Ko […]