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Update : November 15, 2022 Old System : Options for Matriculation students In the old system, Matriculation students can take Old System : Options for University Students In the old system, University students can New System : Options for Matriculation students In the new system, Matriculation students Newer […]


Update : November 15, 2022 AD / CE BC BE / ME SE Sample Conversions Suppose the Burmese Era is 1382 BE,then Sasana Era = 1382 + 1182 = 2564and Common Era = 1382 + 638 = 2020 Note: January, February, March and early April of 2020 AD […]


Update : November 15, 2022 Early Encyclopedias “Chamber’s Cyclopaedia” was one of the earliest encyclopedias. It covered 40+ subjects. In our younger days, we had “Pear’s Soap” and “Pear’s Cyclopaedia”. The company was probably building its brand name by supporting the publication of an encyclopedia. Encyclopedia Britannica My […]


Update : November 15, 2022 In High School Physics, we learned about Potential Energy and Kinetic Energy. We studied some old laws such as the “Law of Conservation of Energy”. Energy comes in different forms (e.g. Mechanical, Thermal, Electric, Chemical, Nuclear). Alternative energy sources (e.g. Solar, Wind) were […]


Update : November 15, 2022 Emotional Intelligence EI may stand for Emotional Intelligence. It is often expressed as EQ (E Quotient). Sayagyi Dr. Aung Gyi gave a Key Note at SPZP-2000 on the importance of EI and EQ. Electrical Inspectorate EI may stand for Electrical Inspectorate. Saya U […]