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How Low Can They Go?

Heartless Cowards The Power Mongers have no heart, and courage. They deterred people and organizations providing help to Cyclone Nargis Victims. No one is safe They kidnap Doctors and Social Service Providers. They torture honest people and selectively return the dead bodies. They desecrate Places of Worship. They […]

In memory of Kyel Sin

by Ko Ko Kyi Twinkle twinkle little Kyel Sin,Watching above from so high. Wondering how things are,Worrying about her Gen Z friends. Fighting for democracy and liberty,To be free from all tyranny. Don’t you worry dear Angel,One so young and yet so brave. Everything will be alright. ကြယ်စင်လေးသို့ […]


Kabar Ma Kye (National Anthem) Ko Than Hlaing wrote articles about National Anthems. “Kabar Ma Kye” was composed by YMB based on the work by Thakin Ba Thaung. The song blends the Burmese and Western styles. The Chorus is usually played at public events. The Prelude describes the […]