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Disasters and CERT

Update : January 15, 2022 It is sad to learn about disasters happening in various parts of the world. Several are natural disasters. Some are man-made disasters. Despite advantages in technology, there is no reliable and cost-effective system yet to predict and/or prevent disasters. There are general predictions […]


Update : January 7, 2022 Sholes invented the mechanical typewriter. In order to prevent two keys stuck after hitting them rapidly, he designed the QWERTY layout. Business schools and companies trained “touch typing” with the QWERTY keyboards. E is the most frequently used vowel in the English alphabet. […]


Update : January 7, 2022 Rangoon University Boat Club (RUBC) used to maintain logs. Every crew lists the boat used, time in & out, the name of the members, and message (e.g. leak). The Color Award Team meets after the Monsoon Regatta and Annual Regatta to consider candidates […]


Update : January 7, 2022 Time arrow apparently moves forward. One grows older and dies. Science fiction covered Time Machines.One could ride them into the Past and Future. No one has found a Reverse Time arrow that moves backward. Its discovery would give us hope of anti-aging. Kenneth […]


Update : January 7, 2022 In the early days of Computing, a Hack is defined to be a “useful and/or beautiful piece of code.” Some students, who worked at Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) Computing Laboratories, preferred working on code rather than attending courses. They feel proud of […]

Languages : Classification

Update : December 12, 2021 There are Natural Languages such as Burmese and English. There are many Programming Languages. In the first conference on “History of Programming Languages”, thirteen languages were presented. There are hundreds (and possibly thousands) of programming languages that have been proposed and/or implemented. At […]

Robert Floyd

Update : December 10, 2021 Professor Robert W (Bob) Floyd(June 8, 1936 – September 25, 2001) Robert Floyd attended the University of Chicago. He has two Bachelor degrees.He completed BA in 1953 at the age of 17.He finished BS in 1958 after working and studying part-time. In most […]


By Hla Min (Life Long Learner) Update : December 10, 2021 Alan Matthias Turing Famous British Mathematician and Pioneer in the Theory and Practice of Computing. Sample Contributions Turing Machine Abstract machine for Computation Church Turing Thesis Notion of Turing-Complete Computation Turing Test for Machine Intelligence Early Computers […]