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Steve Wozniak was a technical genius was the designer of Apple wanted to share his invention with others (notably, members of the Computer Home Brew Club) gave away some of his stocks went back to college and graduated (under an assumed name) was known as the “Wizard of […]


AAA (Automobile) In the USA, AAA (or Triple A) stands for American Automobile Association. In California, the AAA branch is called CSAA (California State Automobile Association). The benefits vary depending upon if one is a regular member or a premium member. Commonly provided services include Towing Jump start […]


There are several classifications of Language. They are not mutually exclusive. (1) Natural Language(2) Foreign Language(3) Universal Language (e.g. Esperanto)(4) Spoken Language (e.g. Myanmar Sagar)(5) Written Language (e.g. Myanmar Sar)(6) Programming Language(7) Scientific and Technical Language(8) Business Language(9) Specialty Language (e.g. for a domain)(10) Meta Language (to describe […]

“GROW” model

G : GoalR : Reality checkO : OptionsW : What [are you willing to commit]? Example : G : Goal Compile “ORAL HISTORY” and “WRITTEN HISTORY” of our alma mater, sayas and alumni R : Reality check No response yet.Seems like sayas, sayamas and alumni have busy schedules. […]


Types Human Intelligence Animal Intelligence Machine Intelligence Artificial Intelligence Military Intelligence Counter-Intelligence IQ Intelligence Quotient (IQ) was introduced by researchers such as Terman. Mensa Society requires a high IQ to be a member. A study claims that beyond a certain IQ, there is not much correlation between “creativity” […]

Data Compression

Rationale In the early days, it was expensive to store and/or transmit data (e.g. text, sound, picture) in raw form. Compression techniques were developed and used to reduce the size of the data. “Lossless Compression” requires that the original data can be recovered without any loss. “Lossy Compression” […]

Classification of Languages

There are Natural Languages such as Burmese and English. There are many Programming Languages. In the first conference on “History of Programming Languages”, thirteen languages were presented. There are hundreds (and possibly thousands) of programming languages that have been proposed and/or implemented. At a given time, there is […]


A long long time ago, a Hack is considered to be a “useful and/or beautiful piece of code.” Some people, who worked at Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) laboratories working on Computer Projects, preferred working on code rather than attending courses. They feel proud of their Hacks and […]