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The Buddha and His Teachings *

Author : NARADA MAHA THERAVAIJIRARAMA, COLOMBOFirst Edition : 19644th Enlarged Edition : 1980 Introduction Part I : THE BUDDHA 1. The Buddha — From Birth to Reunciation2. His Struggle for Enlightenment3. The Buddhahood4. After the Enlightenment5. The Invitation to Expound the Dhamma…12. The Buddha’s Ministry13. The Buddha’s Daily […]

The Yogi and Vipassana *

Sub-title: Buddhist Mediation : The Sunlun WayAuthor : Sunlun Shin VinayaPublisher : Sunlun Buddhist Meditation Center7 1/2 Mile, Prome Road, KabaAye P.O., Rangoon CONTENTS The Yogi and Vipassana (Page 1 – 18)The Sunlun Way of Mindfulness (Page 19 – 33)Explanatory Notes for Beginners and Those Proceeding Along the […]

Patthana *

It is the 7th text in Abhidhamma Book of Conditional Relations (1) Root Condition(2) Object Condition(3) Predominance Condition(4) Proximity Condition(5) Contiguity Condition(6) Co-nascence Condition(7) Mutuality Condition(8) Dependence Condition(9) Strong-Dependence Condition(10) Pre-nascence Condition(11) Post-nascence Condition(12) Repetition Condition(13) Kamma Condition(14) Resultant Condition(15) Nutriment Condition(16) Faculty Condition(17) Jhana Condition(18) Path Condition(19) […]