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What Buddhism is *

Excerpts from a Book Chapter by Narada Maha Thera Buddhism is neither a metaphysical path nor a ritualistic path. is neither skeptical nor dogmatic. neither eternalism or nihilism. is neither self-mortification nor self-indulgence. is neither pessimism nor optimism but realism. is neither absolutely this-worldly nor other-worldly. is not […]

The Dawn of Wisdom *

Subtitle : On the Practice of Vipassana Satipatthana by Sayadaw U Lakkhana (of Sagaing Hills) Translator : U Mya Thaung Editor : Gregory Pai, Ph.D. Publisher : Sukhavati Dhamma dana publication, 2002 Contents Four Foundations of Mindfulness Basic Satipatthana Instructions The Hindrances (1) The Hindrances (2) The Hindrances […]