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HM : Casualties

Bo Aung Kyaw Ko Aung Kyaw was struck by a baton on December 20, 1938 during the third RU student boycott. He is a early casualty in the struggle for Burma’s independence. He was named “Bo Aung Kyaw”. Sparks Street was renamed as Bo Aung Kyaw Street. December […]

HM : Analog

Definition Analog may stand for “a person or an object which may be compared to another”. An analogy is a comparison of two things that are similar. Analog devices An analog device uses information represented by a continuous variable. An analog thermometer measures temperature via the expansion of […]

HM : Album

Photo Album Many years ago I received a photo album as a present. During our younger days, photos were expensive. It costs about 25 – 50 pyas per photo. There is a base cost for processing a film roll, and extra cost for printing reasonably good photos. One […]

HM : Changes over the years

Alumni In Latin, there are four terms : alumnus for “male student”almuna for “female student”alumni for “male students”alumnae for “female students”. In modern usage, the term “alumni” applies to all students. Days of Month According to “Ripley’s Believe it or not”, a graveyard inscription has February 30th. Grapevine […]

HM : Presidents

Democratic Burma Sao Shwe Thaik (1948 – 1952) Nyang Shwe (Yaunghwe) SawbwaFirst President of Burma Burma gained Independence on January 4, 1948 Dr. Ba U (1952 – 57)Author : “My Burma”Claimed that he was the first President to be elected according to the Constitution Mahn Win Maung (1957-62)He […]

HM : Dhammapada (Book)

Dhammapada is a collection of Pali verses (that refer to Buddha’s teachings). It has been translated by several Pal Scholars. Some Dhammapada books also cover short stories related to the verses. Narada Thera’s Dhammapada The Dhammapada Subtitle: Pali text & translation with stories & notes Author : Narada […]

HM : Dukkha

Background Dukkha is a Pali word. There are several forms of Dukkha : Dukkha Dukkha“unsatisfactoriness” associated with Suffering / Misery Sukha Dukkha “unsatisfactoriness” associated with [Seemingly] Pleasant feelings Uppekha Dukkha“unsatisfactoriness” associated with Equanimity Misunderstanding Note that the Burmese term “Sin Ye Dhukkha” covers only Dukkha Dukkha. Most translators […]

HM : Burma’s Son

UNSG (United Nations Secretary General) After the tragic death of Daj Hammarskjold, the United Nations Security Council selected U Thant (Permanent Representative of the Union of Burma, which co-founded the Non-aligned Movement) to succeed Hammarskjold as the Third UNSG and the first Asian UNSG. USSR vetoed USA’s nominee […]

HM : Bala

Bala means Strength or Prowess. There are five kinds of Bala. Kaya Bala : Physical StrengthIn our younger days, there were Kaya Bala Ah Thinn for developing Physical Strength. Some instructors have their names prefixed with “Kaya Bala”. Nyana Bala : Mental StrengthKnowledgeWisdom Bawga Bala : Economic Prowess. […]