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Events for 1972 – 1979, Classes of 1972 – 1979

Richard Khoo *

Dhatu Kyaw Linn Ko Richard (Dhatu Kyaw Linn, ChE75) volunteered as an official photographer at SPZP-2000 and at the events hosted by NorCal RITAA. Summer Picnic Photos The following photos were taken at the NorCal RITAA Summer Picnic held at Coyote Point Recreation Area on July 29, 2018.

Air Con for YTU Library *

U Wynn Htain Oo (M72) wrote : မနက္​မ်က္​စိ၂လံုးဖြင္​့လ်င္​ဖြင္​းျခင္​းအ​ေမရိကကJAMES SHWEထံကအဲကြန္​းအတြက္​​ေဒၚလာ၅၀၀၀လက္​ရွိျမန္​မာ​ေငြသိန္​း၇၀​ေက်ာ္​လႈမယ္​​ေနာက္​ၿပီးသူက်ႊြမ္​းက်င္​လွတဲ့ဘာသာရပ္​ျဖစ္​လို႔ကူစရာ​ေတြကူမယ္​ဆိုတာဒီလို​ေျပာလာတာ​ေတြ႕လိုက္​ရပါတယ္​ အရမ္​းအရမ္​းကိုစိတ္​​ေတြခ်မ္​းသာရတယ္​ I [James Shwe] will donate $ 5000 but allow me to review the building plans (architectural, structural, electrical and HVAC) and the HVAC system load calculations. Allow me to put in my two cents worth of opinion. If […]

Aung Myaing *

U Aung Myaing (ChE72) joined the ChE Department. He moved to Thailand and USA. He writes under the pen name “Maung Yin Maung (Okkpo)”. Not sure if the name is inspired by the first Burmese novel. He is a poet. He is a co-author of the “Collection of […]