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How times have changed

Update : March 28, 2020 Early days In the early days, most students know Burmese and English well. Many went on to become bi-lingual writers and outstanding translators. Rangoon University had students from overseas (India, Nepal, Japan, Russia). Some (e.g. one Russian, one Japanese) majored in Burmese. BRS […]


Update : March 28, 2020 VisiCalc VisiCalc was a $100 software sold on a $1000 Apple computer.It made Apple a serious platform for doing business. Dan Bricklin, an MBA student, had an “Aha” moment when he noticed his professor teaching “What-if”.Every time one or more variables changed, the […]


Update : March 28, 2020 Steve Wozniak was a technical genius was the designer of Apple wanted to share his invention with others (notably, members of the Computer Home Brew Club) gave away some of his stocks went back to college and graduated (under an assumed name) was […]

Myanmar / Burmese

Update : March 28, 2020 Language There are two forms of Myanmar / Burmese language. Myanmar Sagar (Oral / spoken) Myanmar Sar (Written) Alphabet The Alphabet has 33 Eik Khaya (loosely rendered as letter or character). Grouping There are several groups (Wagga) of five letters. Linguists and phonologists […]

Poetic License

Update : March 28, 2020 Presley’s song One of Elvis Presley’s hit songs is “Love me tender“. Grammar teachers might say that the correct form is “Love me tenderly”. Most listeners forgive the wordings as an example of Poetic License. Think IBM’s slogan was “Think”. For a Super […]

Myanmar Community

Update : March 28, 2020 There are many Myanmar Communities around the world. OMC (One Myanmar Community) is based in Union City, Northern California. Its main activity and fund raiser is the Annual Thingyan Festival held in May (for logistic reasons). A “Thet Kyee Pu Zaw Pwe” co-hosted […]